Grade 6 Excursion

The grade six learners visited the African Imprint Outdoor Centre on the banks of the Sundays River, just outside Kirkwood, from the 10th to the 12th of September. This facility caters for outdoor learning activities which are facilitated by a group of well qualified instructors.

The children were put through their paces in a variety of activities which challenged them in various ways. They were taught the basics of rowing, balancing, turning and stopping canoes on the river; they had to overcome their fears on a zip-line over the river; they learnt to build flag poles and had to brave a stringent obstacle course. All activities were carried out in groups. Points were allocated to each group for performance, attitude and enthusiasm and healthy competition prevailed amongst the groups. Many other challenge, balancing and ball skill games made up the remainder of the activities.

The group also visited the Addo Elephant Park for a morning and were treated to sightings of two big bull elephants and a herd of buffalo. Many buck species, zebra, dung beetles and other wild life were spotted. For many this was a first time experience.

The weather treated us most kindly and the learners enjoyed their tasks in sunshine with no wind. A swim in the cement dam was enjoyed by many.

Our sincere thanks go to Mrs Wendy Venter and Mr Reinhard Gerber who willingly drove the buses and assisted us.