Valedictory 2019

The annual Valedictory Service was held on Friday 12 October, and was a fitting farewell to the wonderful Grade 12 class of 2018. Deputy Head Prefects, Matt Harpur and Kelly Rose-Innes led the devotion, while the class presented a song, Queen of My Heart and a slideshow of their years at the School to those gathered.ย  In response to the Headmasterโ€™s address, Head Prefects Rebecca Langmead and Cameron Muir spoke on behalf of the class.

The ceremony ended with the Grade 12โ€™s leading out and starting a new tradition, where each learner rang the Centenary Bell just once as they took leave of the school.

“I’ll always look back, as I walk away.
This memory will last, for eternity…”
– Westlife