Tiekie Aand

Tiekieaand is an age old tradition at Union and is eagerly looked forward to by the juniors each year! It is a major fundraiser for the grade 10 class and this year they outdid themselves! The hall was full of fun games and activities, including a new item this year…a rap battle, which proved extremely popular! The juniors bobbed for apples, had their faces painted, were led dizzy through a maze, played tombola and had blowgun competitions amongst other fun things organised by the grade 10s. The main attraction seemed to be that the teachers and seniors made themselves available before the sponge throwing firing squad and much hilarity ensued! Outside, moms sold sweet treats to willing buyers with the popcorn machine being in high demand! Afterwards the grade 10s worked together, cleaning up as they closed the door on a fun filled festive evening!