Accounting National Olympiad

During term 2 and 3 the following learners took part in the SAIPA National Accounting Olympiad:
Grade 11 learners: Khanya Butshingi, Megan Doyle, Sanja Du Plessis, Ethan Gedult, Kia Hoffman, Zintle Maki, Taylyn Miller, Liano Naidoo, Sabrina Potgieter, Bridget Stander and Peter Watermeyer.
Grade 12 learners: Amanda Brink, Loren Mackelina, Kelly Rose-Innes and Kirsten Van Den Berg.
Round 1 took place on 16 May 2018. The marking was done by SAIPA and after round 1 Zintle Maki and Amanda Brink qualified to participate in round two. Round two took place on the 1 August 2018 and after the marking process was completed we were informed that Zintle Maki was placed 8th in the Eastern Cape. Well done on this fine achievement Zintle, may this performance inspire all our Accounting learners!