Don’t Bin It, Bottle It

The ongoing EcoBrick project is one of Union High School’s constant endeavours to reduce litter by recycling.  EcoBricks are constructed out of recycled 2-litre plastic bottles that are filled with all sorts of non-biodegradable waste.

Suitable materials to fill EcoBricks with include plastic bags, laminated paper, polystyrene trays, plastic fruit punnets, silvery packets from chips and chocolates, wax paper and dog-food bags.

The litter must be stuffed inside the bottles in such a compact manner, that the bottles are rock-solid and resistant to breaking and denting.  Once filled, these bottles can then be used as a “brick” from which even school buildings and houses can be built. The compressed plastic waste does not disintegrate and provides hardy support, similar to normal building bricks, but at almost no cost.  Apart from reducing the amount of trash that reaches the oceans, eco-bricks are also highly insulating and water- and fire-proof.

Each classroom at Union High School has again been tasked with creating an EcoBrick this year.  The learners are encouraged to participate, and in so doing, take personal responsibility for their plastic waste.