Innovative Learner

Behind every invention or new innovation is a person who saw a problem or an opportunity and invented a solution or a new device.

One such bright mind is Zack Botha, a Grade 6 learner at Union High School.  While sitting in Mathematics one day, inspiration hit him, and he proceeded to ‘upcycle’ two everyday stationery items, an empty Pritt glue stick and an old pencil sharpener.  From these two items, Zack created a pencil sharpener with a catchment.

“While it can be bought, this is an easy and cheap way to create a pencil sharpener that you can use at your desk without having to walk to the wastebasket every time you need to sharpen a pencil,” says Zack.

Maybe one day Zack will develop a world-changing new invention, who knows?

All we can say is that at Union, we’re big fans of innovation in all its forms, and we just love it when our learners think out of the box to create something inspired!