Sport Results vs Gill College and Gill Primary School

Emotions ran high during Saturday’s derby day against Gill College and Gill Primary School.

The day, which was as usual characterised by wonderful interaction between the schools involved, saw the matric 1st XV rugby boys represent Union High School for the very last time on home soil.

Many Old Unionites filled the stands to support the players.

Rugby Results

The rugby matches against Gill delivered mixed results, with the U/14s losing 10 – 20, the U/15s winning 36 – 7, the U/16s winning 47 – 12, the second team winning 31 – 12 and the 1st XVs losing 16 – 21.

Senior 1st Team Report
The first team match – which also happened to be the matric 1st XV rugby boys’ last one on home soil – was fiercely contested with both teams taking the lead on occasions.  Union managed to gain the lead and maintained it until the last five minutes.

However, in a game where Union dominated possession and set phases, the Union players were, unfortunately, unable to take full advantage of the many opportunities presented to them, which allowed Gill to stay in the game.

The only difference between the two sides on the day was that one was able to take full advantage of their chances, therefore, in the end, it was Gill College that came out on top winning the match 21 – 16.

Although it was a tough start to the third term, the team hopes to bounce back in a spectacular fashion in their next fixture against Pearson.

Hockey Results

Union’s hockey teams had a successful encounter against Gill today, with the 1st Juniors winning their match 3 – 0 and the 2nd Juniors winning 1 – 0.

The school’s senior 2nd team won 8 – 0 and the 1st team enjoyed a 17 – 0 victory.

Senior 1st Team Report
Gill opted to play a match of 4 quarters which seemed to suit the Union girls’ style of play and saw the 1st quarter provide 4 brilliantly worked goals in favour of Union.

Union then continued to dominate the match with some slick and accurate passing and great finishing in the goal area. Three goals were scored in the 2nd quarter, 6 in the 3rd and 4 in the last quarter.

The final score stood at 17 – 0 in Union’s favour.

The Union girls put up a good performance overall and positive signs are showing ahead of some tough fixtures to come.

Union’s goals were scored by Micela Loock (7), Jenna McNaughton (3), Henze Japhta (4), Laetitia Theron (1), Chelsea Theron (1) and Jade Shires (1).

Junior 1st Team Report
After a long holiday break, the girls got off to a rather slow start, with some uninspiring play.   As the first half continued however, Union eventually found their rhythm and began to play to their strengths against the determined Gill side. Shortly before the half time whistle sounded, Lisa Menos and Leshay Fourie scored an opportunistic goal to put Union into the lead. The second half saw Union stepping up the pace and dominating play. Soso Mroro and Chloe Erasmus collaborated beautifully to add to the scoreboard with a text-book perfect, field goal; and then Lisa Menos and Leshay Fourie again proved to be the duo of the day as they slotted home the final goal of the match, giving Union a convincing 3-0 win.

It is incredible to see how much this young team has grown over the course of the season and we can only hope that they maintain this momentum as we work towards the end of the season which culminates with the traditional inter-school’s fixture.