Social Sciences Excursion

Based on their Social Sciences report marks, eight boys and six girls were invited to attend Union’s annual Grade 7 Social Sciences excursion held on Friday and Saturday, 19 and 20 October.

After arriving at Westbrook on Saturday, the group took a short hike to a huge poplar forest on Onbedacht farm, where they were pleased to see that the river was flowing, even though the area is experiencing the worst drought in 100 years.

The learners managed to catch a few crabs that they released again. (It was good to see that there was a lot of life present in the river.)

After supper, the learners headed to Langfontein for a late night dip in a saltwater pool.

A warm cup of hot Milo was the perfect way to end off the evening.

After breakfast the next day, the group headed to De Vrede Farms where Mr John Biggs showed them around.

He spoke to them about the challenges farmers are facing in the drought and suggested ways in which farmers can adapt to farming in areas with low rainfall.

Mr Biggs also informed the learners about the Pendoring bush which acts as a natural nursery for new trees, such as the Shepherdโ€™s Tree.

The group then investigated the central pivot as a way of irrigation and discussed the effect it has on the water table.

Union extends its thanks to everyone who made this excursion possible – it was very educational and all the learners had a great time.