Return To School

Dear parents and learners

Union High School is very excited to welcome our learners back to school, starting with the Grade 7s and 12s!

We have made a short video, for demonstration purposes only, to show learners what they can expect on their first day back at school. Parents, please watch this video with your children to show them the procedures they will be facing.

To all Grade 7s and 12s, your educators are waiting excitedly for your return.

Please note that on an actual school day, the learners will be assisted by our full complement of staff and will have distance markers and posters to guide them safely throughout the course of the day.

As part of the preparations for the return of the Grade 12s and 7s, the Union campus is being marked with little feet which will assist in directing foot traffic once school reopens.

These markings (of which many will still be added in the next few days before school commences) will serve as visual aids for learners when they have to line up and will assist with the effective implementation of social distancing at the school.

As these “feet” take shape and start to line our pathways and hallways, we can’t help but long for the return or our learners and the accompanying chatter, laughter and constant busy-ness to bring our campus back to life.