Ongoing Coach Training & Development

This past week, on 26 and 27 May, Union High School was privileged to have Mr Anthony Heugh, an experienced and respected World Rugby Coaching Educator, in our midst, to assess all our coaches for their World Rugby Level 2 accreditation.

Mr Heugh has been working with the Union coaches since September 2019.

After having successfully completed their World Rugby Level 1 certification a while ago, each of them had to compile a coaching portfolio of their coaching processes along with the completion of a set of online exams, to be followed by a practical assessment to be conducted by Mr Heugh for their Level 2 accreditation.

Following his visit last week, Mr Heugh was very impressed by the high standard of work done by all the coaches and completed the practical assessments with the coaches over two days, ensuring that all coaches were fairly judged on their coaching abilities.

Union High School is very pleased to announce that Messrs JP Kruger, Erwin Ittershagen-Strauss, Hanno Sparrius, Christopher Felix and Donald Kingwill were all awarded their World Rugby Level 2 accreditation.

“We are very grateful that the school has afforded us this opportunity,” said Union’s 1st team rugby coach, Mr Christopher Felix.

“Part of my goal for rugby at Union High School is that the coaches will grow together and provide quality coaching, be students of the game and keep sport educational. This Level 2 course definitely ticked all the boxes. All coaches were signed off as competent and received their certificates. We are looking forward to imparting the knowledge gained while completing the course with all our players.”