Union High School


Union offers blue skies and big horizons. As an English medium, co-ed public school, Union provides a truly unique schooling journey surrounded by lifelong friends and mentors. Small classes ensure full participation and personal attention to nurture young minds; providing an environment in which children can focus and flourish. A child can expect success here, experiencing the best of country living coupled with modern day schooling.
Union pupils consistently achieve top academic honours in the Graaff-Reinet District, having been taught by highly-qualified educators who are equipped with the latest audio-visual and computer technology.
To stimulate academic activity and to accentuate its importance, pupils are entered in various competitive examinations. Academic events include the junior and senior Taalbond exams which promote bilingualism; the English, Accounting, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Science Olympiads; and the Rhodes University Science Festival
Other opportunities include a school library, Top Level Club, Media Centre, Science and Life Sciences Laboratories, a Career Guidance and Counselling Centre and an overseas Exchange programme with Salisbury Cathedral School.
With the introduction of mimio white-board technology, teachers now have assistance in getting their message across to the learners, who take in more on a visual basis. These boards also lead to a thorough preparation of lessons that can be shared by staff and other schools. A huge source of information is available and the system can be connected to the Internet, and programmes, such as National Geographic, can be downloaded. The mimio boards are more interactive and assignments for learners can now be placed on CDs and the learners can e-mail their work to their teachers.


  1. A Media Centre with access to internet for all senior and junior pupils
    A well-stocked library
    Audio-visual lecture theatre
    Separate laboratories for Physical Science and Life Sciences
    Fully-equipped Computer Room for Computer Applications Technology
    A hall with facilities for drama and film screenings

  2. Data projectors and interactive whiteboard technology in classrooms

  3. Don't limit your challenges - Challenge your limits

Tablet Teaching Technology at Union High School

Current Grade 8, 9 and 10 learners at Union High School now have their textbooks, known as e-books, on their tablets, and are able to connect to the school’s Wi-Fi system and network, and receive updates, notes and homework sent to them by their educators, as soon as they enter the school campus. All classrooms at the school are equipped with data projectors, and each educator has a laptop to enable them best to utilise technology in teaching. Educators are able to “push” content into the e-book, and are thus able to customise their textbooks, and add their own knowledge, accumulated over years of teaching, into the textbook. The advantage here, both for the school and the environment, is that no notes will need to be photo-copied, saving masses of paper and costs.
The particular device being used by the school is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7” w Pen Wi-F and LTE.

There are many benefits of such a system, amongst them the obvious advantage of a lighter school bag and less books to carry, but also the training in the use of ICT devices, innovative thinking, creativity and problem solving and preparing children for a world in which the use of this technology is essential. The learners are able to highlight passages and generate summaries at the push of a button.

The system has proven very popular with the learners, and their parents, who can’t believe that their children actually look forward to interacting with their textbooks!