Union High School

Annual Production 2018

COMMING SOON:  18 - 20 April

After stopping a street fight between two youngsters, Frank, who is the local barber of the area, starts telling the youngsters the story of his friend, Zekiah Malope. A story set in the rich culture and vibrant streets of Sophiatown in the late fifties, early sixties; it mirrors the well-known story of Rocky. Zekiah is a struggling boxer failing to make it big time. His main source of income is collecting debts for the local gang leader, Shakes. Despite his true talent and his inability to admit defeat, people in general, and particularly his coach, Sam, never give him the time of day. Then Duke Jackson, the reigning Middleweight Champion’s opponent gets injured and Zekiah is chosen to take his place because of his nickname, "the Black Knight”. With his shot at glory in front of him, Zekiah trains harder than he thought was possible in order to earn his own self-respect and to go the distance.

Along this journey we visit The Crazy Moon, no. 1 shebeen in Sophiatown, where African jazz and kwela music provide a background for a variety of life stories that are being played out. Among these include Gloria, the shebeen queen and her sister, Iris, who is secretly in love with Zekiah, but too shy to show it; Valerie, who is Frank’s long-time girlfriend, a relationship that has seemingly stagnated; Nancy, Valerie’s ditsy friend who is engaged to be married to the dour Lucky, bodyguard to Shakes.

Included are some well-known songs such as Mama Thembu’s Wedding, Shosholoza and Dear Future Husband, the show promises to entertain.