15 January: Term starts for teachers at 08:00
16 January: New Parents' Tea in the Tony Burrell Union at 11:00
Grade 5 Parents' Meeting 11.45 in Room 20
17 January: Term starts for Learners 07:05 – 13:30
19 January: Academic Awards Assembly in the School Hall at 07:05
22 January: Senior Sports Day
26 January: Founders’ Day Assembly 11.00, Biathlon, Colour Splash & Steak Evening
27 January: Founders’ Weekend Sport & Mother-Daughter Tea
29 January: Junior Sports Day - Track Events
30 January: Junior Sports Day – Field Events
2 February:  Dr Arnold Mol
12 February: Interhouse Gala at 18:00
28 March: School closes for Term 1



Guest Speaker – Dr Arnold Mol

World-renowned speaker and author of eleven books on the subjects of motivation, marriage enrichment, parenting and conflict-handling - most of them on the best-seller list, Dr Arnold Mol, will be visiting Union High School on Friday, 2 February 2018, to address our matrics, staff and parents.

His professional activities include the presentation of marriage enrichment and parenting seminars (with his wife) seven weekends per year in all parts of S.A. He spends an average of three meetings per week, addressing managers, parents, teachers, couples, etc. on the topics of management, motivation, and family life. For four years he presented a weekly talk show on Radio Pulpit on various aspects of family life and for three years running has been awarded the "Best Speaker" trophy at the SAPICS international conference. In 1992 and 1993 he presented two 13-part television series on Management and was an Artes Award nominee for "best presenter of an educational programme".

On his visit to Union High, Dr Mol will be covering the following topics:
12h30 – 13h30 The pursuit of status (Matrics)
14h00 – 15h30 How to motivate your pupils in the classroom (Teaching Staff)
16h30 – 18h00 Coping with Teenagers (Parents)

Entrance to the evening’s session is free, and we wish to invite all parents to join us for a burger afterwards.

We would like to encourage all parents to make use of the opportunity to attend this short seminar with Dr Mol. We look forward to hosting Dr Mol and giving our parents the opportunity to learn from this world-renowned speaker.



Friday, 26 January    
Official opening of Pre School
Colour Splash
Old Boys Steak Braai

UHS Hall
Tony Burrell Union
UHS Sports Field
UHS Sport Field
Tony Burrell Union
Saturday, 27 January    
Mini Hockey
U/9 Cricket
U/11 Cricket
Mother Daughter Tea
1st Team Cricket
U/15 Cricket
U/13 Cricket
2nd Team Cricket
1st Team Hockey
Prize Giving
UHS Astro
Puggy Munnik Field
Puttick Field
Herby Arnott House garden
Murray Field
Puggy Munnik Field
Puttick Field
UHS Astro
Tony Burrell Union
  Cricket U/9 - 11:  George Hope (084 514 8600)
U/13 - 15:  Kevin Watermeyer (072 867 0838)
 2nd & 1st:  Dave Stern (082 770 5960)
  Mini Hockey Janine Kemp (084 208 3675)    
  Senior Hockey Dianne Murray  (082 929 3231)    



Union High School hosted their 12th Annual Mica Cricket Festival from 11-13 January 2018. Ten teams participated in the festival, including Glenwood (Durban), Stirling High, Grey High, Daniel Pienaar, Brandwag, Paarl Gimnasium, Paarl Boys, Milnerton and Marlow.

Union played Glenwood from Durban in a declaration match on the first day, and the boys always knew that they would tough competition.  Glenwood won the toss, elected to bat first and scored 237/10. Union went in to bat, but struggled with the bowling and lost wickets in constant intervals. The Union boys only managed to get 120/10. Union lost the game by 118 runs.  Cowan Swartz bowled very well and took a 5 wicket haul.

On the second day Union High played a 50 over match against Stirling. Union won the toss and elected to bat first. The batsmen applied themselves much better and they scored 217/8. Stirling went in to bat and batted well, but at the end of the day Union High was good enough to close the game and secure a victory.  Stirling made 208 all out - Union won the match by 9 runs.  Once again Cowan Swartz batted well and scored an unbeaten 58 not out.

On the final day of the festival, Union played a Pro 20 game against Milnerton from Cape Town. Union won the toss and elected to bat first. A fantastic opening partnership between Ronan Retief and Brett Amsterdam had Union at 134/0 after 15 overs. After Ronan got dismissed the run rate went down, but a steady innings from Brett made sure we could get to a very good total off 166/4 after 20 overs. Milnerton went into bat and the Union boys took early wickets. Milnerton reached a total of 139/8 and Union High won the game by 27 runs. Ronan Retief scored a blistering 83 and Brett Amsterdam and batted out 20 overs and scored an unbeaten 56 not out.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor, Mica, for their contribution to the success of this tournament. As always, the cricket moms were also very hands on in preparing the food and hosting the cocktail party for our visiting coaches. Thank you for your constant support and willingness to host our visitors. And last, but not least, the Union school and hostel staff – without your commitment and hard work a festival such as this will never be possible.

Once again, Union High has hosted a very successful Senior Cricket Festival. We are grateful to the schools that have travelled so far, and for their coaches for giving up a part of their holiday time, to attend what is always a very important event on the Union High calendar. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2019!



Union High School members of the Graaff Reinet Scout Troop left for a 3-day 30 km hike up Nardou Mountain in support of Cameron Muir's Springbok Scout badge.

Photo taken on top of Nardou.



The Union High School Class of 2017 achieved a 100% pass rate in the National Senior Certificate Examinations. The Headmaster and staff are proud and humbled by the excellent performance of our learners. All 51 candidates passed successfully, achieving 34 Bachelor Passes (67%), 15 Diploma passes and 2 Higher Certificate passes.

Five candidates achieved A-aggregate passes. The top performer was Anje Oelofsen with 6 distinctions (in photo:  Mr Pringle, Mr Oelofsen, Mrs Oelofsen, Anje Oelofsen and Mrs Gedult), Amy Chaplin was placed second, with 7 subject distinctions, Kerrin Kingwill was placed third, with 6 subject distinctions, Gerrit Brink was placed fourth, with 6 subject distinctions and Timony Miller was placed fifth, with 4 subject distinctions.

In total, the class achieved 53 Subject Distinctions.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these results. Hats off to our learners, parents, all educators and the community at large who played a part in the excellent performance of our learners.