Thank You

The Herby Arnott girls honoured Lien Koopman, a cook at the hostel, and said good bye as she is leaving at the end of this year. Lien was a great blessing to all.

Jenny Morris also stopped duties at the hostel after many years of bringing lots of laughter to all. We wish them both everything of the best for the future.

We Appreciate You!

As the year draws to a close, we are reminded of the incredible team of people which is responsible for the smooth running of our 3 boarding houses: Max Kroon House (grades 1-4), Herby Arnott House (grade 5-12 girls) and Arthur Kingwill House (grade 5-12 boys).

There are people in this photo who leave home at 5am to prepare breakfast for our boarders, and those who stay on duty to attend to their needs way into the night. These are the people who neaten the beds, who polish the floors, who water the gardens, who stitch on a button when needed. This is the team which makes our boarding houses the clean, pristine places that they are. At the end of a good year we are grateful for all the meetings that go on behind the scenes – each litre of milk and loaf of bread that is ordered, each sandwich that is made, each meal that is planned and flower that is planted. We are grateful for each little hug, for homework that is monitored, for cooked breakfasts and healthy snacks for our matrics. We are thankful for the boilers that are stoked to provide warm water, for laundry that is done, for smiles and care. We are grateful for meticulous management of parents’ fees.
Our boarders are provided with a real home from home at these establishments. We are grateful for the special touches that are added, for fun events, for green fields, beautiful views and fresh air. Our boarders are blessed with pastoral care, with structure, and with a place that promotes healthy development of the body, mind and spirit.
As our boarders head off for holidays at home, we pay tribute to this incredible team!

AKH Prefect Team Building

Following their induction as Arthur Kingwill House prefects, the boys were treated to a team building weekend with the duty masters as Asante Sana Game Reserve. They thoroughly enjoyed the informal time together around camp fires, on game drives and seeing animals that some had never seen before. Headboy, Khanya said, ” I enjoyed the memorable experience of interacting with not only the duty masters, but also with nature. It is not often that we see different types of game in one area. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me!”
Lihlombe added, “The thing I liked the most was when we were sitting around the campfire with coffee in our hands, waiting for the animals to come closer.”

We wish the prefects all the best as they guide and nurture our boarding house lads into the next year.

AK House Dinner & Hostels Prefects 2019

The gentlemen of Arthur Kingwill House held their annual dinner in the Tony Burrell Union on Thursday evening, 30 August. The Union was beautifully decorated by Mrs Kingwill and the hostel matrons.

Mr Kingwill, Boarding Superintendent, welcomed the guests and thanked all those who had contributed to the success and happiness of the past year, particularly the 2018 Grade 12 class and prefect body under the leadership of Michael Krige. They have led the boarding house with quiet dignity and a passion for the school which is unrivalled in recent years.

One of the Grade 12 boys was recently heard to say: When I arrived at AKH in Grade 5, a Grade 12 boy helped me carry my luggage up to my room. At the time, this was unheard of. Now, it is unheard of that a Grade 12 boy will not help a junior boy in this way. What a wonderful testimony to the healthy culture that exists in our home-away-from-home for our children!

Mr Kingwill always has a message for the boys, and this year, a moving and inspirational video entitled “Leaders Eat Last” provided those present with much food for thought about what true leadership entails, and why some teams pull together and others don’t.

The boys, led by Konke Koyingana, entertained the guests with their beautiful singing, a part of the evening which always highlights the spirit of the boarding house, and provides outsiders with a small glimpse of behind-the-scenes hostel life.

Congratulations to the following boarders who were elected as the 2019 Arthur Kingwill House prefects:
Khanya Butshingi (Head Boy), Luke McNaughton, Peter Watermeyer, Iviwe Ndamane (Deputy Head), Lihlombe Qambata and Zusakhe Ngwane