Report collection: Wednesday 6 December @ 08:30 – 09:30

11-13 January: UHS Cricket Festival
15 January: Term starts for teachers at 08:00
16 January: New Parents' Tea in the Tony Burrell Union at 11:00
Grade 5 Parents' Meeting 11.45 in Room 20
17 January: Term starts for Learners 07:05 – 13:30
19 January: Academic Awards Assembly in the School Hall at 07:05
22 January: Senior Sports Day
26 January: Founders’ Day Assembly 11.00, Biathlon, Colour Splash & Steak Evening
27 January: Founders’ Weekend Sport & Mother-Daughter Tea
29 January: Junior Sports Day - Track Events
30 January: Junior Sports Day – Field Events
12 February: Interhouse Gala at 18:00
28 March: School closes for Term 1



Friday 26 January
Junior and Senior Biathlon:  4:30 – 16:30
Colour Run 16:30 – 17:30
Old Boys Steak evening 18:30 all supporters welcome

Saturday 27 January
U9 Cricket 08:00 – 11:00 Puggy munnik Field
U11 Cricket 08:00 – 11:00 Puttick Field
U15 Cricket 10:00 Botanics
U13 Cricket 11:00 – 14:00 Puggy Munnik Field
2nd Cricket Team 11:00 Puttick Field
1st Cricket Team 10:00 Murray Field

Cricket: U/9 - 11 George Hope 084 514 8600
U/13 - 15 Kevin Watermeyer 072 867 0838
2nd & 1st Dave Stern 082 770 5960

Mini Hockey 07:30
Senior Hockey 16:30

Mini Hockey: Janine Kemp 084 208 3675
Senior Hockey: Bronwen Jacobs 076 394 8952

Mother Daughter Tee
In front of Herby Arnott House:  10:00

Prize Giving
In front of Tony Burrell Union:  17:45



From 11 to 13 January 2018 Union High School is proud to be hosting their 12th Annual Mica Senior Cricket Festival. Visiting teams include Glenwood House from Durban, Paarl Boys, Paarl Gimnasium, Grey High School, Milnerton, Stirling, Daniel Pienaar, Brandwag and Marlow.

We invite all parents, Old Unionites and friends of the Union to come and support our cricket boys join and also to join us at a Steak Braai on Friday, 11 January, in the Tony Burrell Union at 7pm at R100 p.p.

We wish to take this opportunity to welcome all the visiting teams to our shores. May they enjoy the Union hospitality and let sportsmanship be the winner!

The fixtures as follow:
Day 1: 11 January 2018 – Declaration Cricket
UHS Murrayfield : Union High vs Glenwood
UHS Puttick Field : Paarl Boys vs Grey High
Botanics : Marlow vs Daniel Pienaar
Volkskool : Brandwag vs Paar Gimnasium
Asante Sana : Stirling High vs Milnerton

Day 2: 12 January – 50 Overs
UHS Murrayfield : Union High vs Stirling High
UHS Puttick Field : Paarl Gimnasium vs Grey High
Botanics : Brandwag vs Paarl Boys
Volkskool : Daniel Pienaar vs Milnerton
Asante Sana : Glenwood vs Marlow

Day 3: 13 January – 20 Overs
UHS Murrayfield : Union High vs Milnerton
UHS Puttick Field : Glenwood vs Paarl Boys
Botanics : Marlow vs Paarl Gimnasium
Volkskool : Stirling High vs Brandwag
Asante Sana : Daniel Pienaar vs Grey High



 Mrs Nelia Read has been appointed Head of Department at the School. She is thoroughly deserving of this promotion and will continue to add value to our school.

We were delighted to welcome Mrs Suzanne Marais and Mrs Elsabe Moos to our office team at the beginning of the fourth term. Mr Stephen Bezuidenhout joined the staff at the beginning of term 4 and will no doubt have an impact on his charges as he grows into his new role here.

Mr Steve Grewar leaves the profession at the end of the year. Mr Grewar has been back at the School since January of 2012, and has had a significant impact on the lives of our learners during his time here. He has done all of this while recovering from acute illness and has not ever moaned or lamented his position. We are indeed privileged to have had a man of his calibre and standing as a member of staff at our school. We wish him a long and happy retirement.

Mrs Wendy Venter has been a fixture at the School since January 1990 and we are saddened that this indefatigable and loyal member of staff has reached retirement. Mrs Venter is a special teacher, someone born to be a teacher, and latterly a sports administrator, who has committed herself to this school. Mrs Venter will be sorely missed.

Mrs Wynford leaves our School at the end of this year and we wish her well as she joins her family in the Western Cape.
Mrs Jackie Bezuidenhout who has served as Debtors Clerk for a number of years has tendered her resignation. We thank her for her service and trust that she will find fulfilment in her new role.

New appointments for 2018 are:
Ms Vona van Rensburg – Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
Mr Floris Steenkamp has been appointed Junior Sports Administrator
Mrs Maritza Burger has accepted the position of Debtors Clerk.



Over the weekend of the 17-18 November, Union High hosted a coaching clinic, which was presented by Jolene Dippenaar from Pretoria. Jolene is a well-known coach within the top structures of Cricket South Africa.

The cricket clinic started on Friday at 14:00 with the Under 11 cricketers and it was clear that the boys were in for a tough weekend. There was a lot of emphasis on fielding and conditioning of teams and players, as this is a part of cricket that coaches tend to neglect. It plays arguably the most important part of a cricket game and can win or lose matches.

This was followed by the Under 13 boys. The intensity was immediately lifted and the boys were being tested.

Saturday morning started at 8:00 with a wicket keeping session for all the keepers from 10 to 16 years old. This was the first time that they have ever received professional keeping coaching, and some of them were helped by Old Unionite and wicket keeper, Jonathan Crankshaw, who has spent the last year playing cricket at the Titans.

Then it was time for our 1st XI cricket boys, who were tested to the point of exhaustion, with every muscle aching in their bodies over the following few days.

With every age group the coaching intensified. Ms Dippenaar treated the boys with the utmost professionalism and made them realise how hard the game must be played.

From a coach’s perspective it was interesting to experience how the coaches at top levels operate and what goes into the planning of a coaching session. It was clear that it does not matter which team you coach, whether it is Under 9s or a professional team, you coach with the same intensity to ensure that they will learn and develop as cricketers.

We want to thank the Old Unionite Association for their assistance in making this cricket clinic possible, so that we could expose our players to a higher level coaching and exposing coaches and players to new and interesting techniques and skills. Thank you also to Lizet and John Crankshaw for hosting Ms Dippenaar, and Jonathan for helping her as an assistant coach. Without these contributors we would not have been able to do this.

This was such an eye-opening experience for our cricketers and coaches, and we will certainly host another coaching clinic in the near future.



It will be compulsory for all Grade 8 – 10 learners to have tablets, as specified below at the start of 2018.
No sim cards are allowed in tablets during school time.
Tablet slingbags are available at UHS Clothing Shop.
No I-pads please!

Recommended Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab A P585 10.1''
Proline H10882

Minimum tablet specifications
• Quad Core CPU at 1.2 GHz processing speed.
• 16GB internal storage space.
• 2GB RAM or higher.
• Android 5 or higher (Lollipop or later).
• A-grade Wi-Fi components.
• Battery life that can last up to 8 hours during video play.
• Screen size – minimum 9.7” (inches)

Tablet registration
The cost of tablet registration is R528 per learner per year to be paid at the start of the year.