Union High School

Termly Newsletter

22 June 2018

Dear Parents
The second term of the school year is very demanding on everyone who is associated with this school; learners, parents and staff. I thank you for your commitment to your children and their education, and for your support of our efforts to provide them with a good quality education.

Mr Raymond Hamilton has joined the Sports Department as Senior Sports Administrator. We are pleased to welcome Mr Hamilton to our team. Mr Alvin August joins the staff as Professional Hockey Coach. It is a pleasure to welcome Mr August to UHS where we anticipate him making an immediate impact. In the short time that he has been with us, he has impressed with his calm but firm manner and in his efficient umpiring of high-pressure hockey matches.

I am pleased to inform you that Mr Sparrius has been appointed to a PL1 Department of Education state post from 1 April 2018.

Mr and Mrs Gamiet leave at the end of this term to take up positions at Westering High School in Port Elizabeth. We thank them for their service to our school and wish them everything of the best for their new adventure.

Mr and Mrs Felix welcomed Christopher Jnr. to the world on 8 May. We congratulate them and trust that they will treasure every special moment with him.

Mrs Janine Kemp will be joining the staff next term to teach English HL in Grade 8 and 9.

School Based Assessment
The SBA mark in every subject constitutes a weighting of 25% of the final promotion mark for the National Senior Certificate, except for Life Orientation where the SBA constitutes 100%. It is therefore extremely important to note that a learner’s marks will be “pending” if a SBA mark is not produced and he or she will not be resulted. Parents hold a joint responsibility for their child’s performance and must ensure that tasks are submitted on time and that their child is present for tests and examinations.

Subject Changes: Grades 10 – 12
A learner may change a maximum of two subjects in Grade 10, provided this is done by the end of the second term, and with the written approval of the parent. A learner may change two subjects in Grade 11, provided this is done before 31 March, subject to the written approval of the parent and the Headmaster. In exceptional cases a learner may change one additional subject at the end of Grade 11, provided this is done before 15 December of the Grade 11 year. No subject changes are permitted in Grade 12. A learner may not change classes to the new subject until the School has received written confirmation from the Department of Education approving the request for a subject change.

Subject Choices: Grade 10 - 2019
Learners offering Physical Sciences as an optional subject must offer Mathematics as a compulsory subject. The implementation thereof is as follows: 2017 in Grade 10; 2018 in Grade 11 and 2019 in
Grade 12.

Pass Requirements Reminder
Pass requirements for 2018 are identical to those that were applicable at the end of 2017. Pay particular attention to requirements pertaining to Gr 7-9: Mathematics (40%); to Languages (50% for English HL, 40% for Afrikaans FAL), of the remaining subjects 3 at level 3 and 2 at level 2. It is obligatory to pass all subjects at the required level; otherwise a learner is NOT ready to proceed to the next grade. In Grades 10 – 12 a learner MUST achieve a minimum of 40% in 3 subjects of which English Home Language is one and 30% in 3 of the remaining subjects. Please understand that these requirements are not at the discretion of the school. Should a learner not achieve the minimum standards, the learner will repeat the grade.

Progress Report
Please study your son or daughter’s report very carefully. The school report contains important information. No parents should claim to be unaware of their children’s academic progress (or lack thereof). Parents are encouraged to stay in touch with the school with regard to the academic challenges facing their children. I would, once again, like to urge you to be actively involved in encouraging and helping your sons and daughters to achieve as well as possible. Your involvement is vital if your children are to be successful in school.

Parent-contact Evening
A Parent Academic Evening was held on Monday 16 April. Many parents were in attendance and many follow-up appointments with educators were scheduled.

The provincial round of the Minquiz competition was held on Thursday 17 May in Port Elizabeth with schools from all around the Eastern Cape participating. A team of three Grade 12 pupils, Amanda Brink, Michael Krige and Kelly Rose-Innes, represented UHS at the competition. They endured a tough individual written quiz in the morning where they had to answer 40 multiple choice questions in only 45 minutes. They did very well to make it through to the oral quiz of the Gold section. The oral quiz was even more demanding. They faced off against 4 other teams on the stage watched by an audience and a team of judges. Not only were the learners required to recall and apply a scientific or mathematical concept, but they also had to manipulate formula and a host of numbers in their heads. All this was done with no calculators or writing tools and to top it off they only had 30 seconds to come up with an answer. Even though the team was not placed amongst the top 3 in the final round, they gained a great deal of experience and fun was had by all.

Salisbury Exchange Programme
A Salisbury Exchange Dinner was held at the end of term 1. It was a lovely evening where all past exchange learners who are currently at the school and their parents were present. Amanda Brink and Jason Beaumont have been selected as our GAP students for 2019. We congratulate them and know that they will be fine ambassadors of the school. We are looking forward to the return of our four learner exchange students, Jemma Naude, Anna Pringle, Brent Hesselink and Jude Langmead, at the beginning of Term 3.

CAMI Maths
All Grade 7-9 learners have been registered in the Media Centre to make use of the CAMI Maths interactive computer programme in the afternoons. This resource will assist any learner who struggles with Mathematics or who wants to put in extra effort to improve his or her results. Unfortunately not all learners are making use of this opportunity. Detailed registers of attendance are kept.

SAOU Leadership Course

Mrs Cloete and Mrs Read attended the SAOU Leaders Course from 10-12 May and found it a worthwhile experience.

Grade 7 excursion
Our boys and girls were separated because of the different themes that were planned. The girls travelled to Nieu-Bethesda where they went on a long hike to spend some time in nature. They then went to the Fossil Museum. The boys started their day with a walk up Mountain Drive where they picked up litter. They then walked back to Botanics where Mr Steenkamp gave them physical activities to do where they were taught the importance of working together. The boys watched the motivational clip – How to Make Your Bed. How to treat the lady/ladies in your life – Mr Keith Wildschut from the District Office had an insightful talk with the boys of what is expected of men; how to treat/talk to women with whom they are in contact. Mr Neville Jones demonstrated how to loosen the grip of a much bigger and stronger attacker in a very interesting talk on self-defence. Pastor Dolan Cochrane had the boys in awe when he spoke about how people who are hurting will hurt other people. He also explained that respect starts with self-respect.

Top Level Club

A Top Level Club meeting, attended by twelve of our top academic learners and five Eco-Representatives from the primary school accompanied by Ms Street and Mrs Rose-Innes, was held on 16 May. This meeting was addressed by Mr Jurg Wagener who is the owner of Sterland Stargazing in Sutherland. Mr Wagener explained that stars consist of gases exploding, that blue stars are young stars and red stars (owing to temperature) are fading away. Each star has its own beauty and characteristics. He also illustrated the difference between the Southern, Diamond and False Cross and how to recognise them in the constellation. He further shared how and where to identify SCORPIO, ORION and planets such as JUPITER, SATURN and VENUS. The presentation was interesting and enough to unlock the curiosity of our learners.

University entrance
I remind all parents, but particularly the parents of Grade 11 learners, of the importance of the end of year Grade 11 examinations when learners apply for university entrance. Good results, sent to universities at this time, will improve the applicants’ chances of gaining admission to the university of their choice substantially, and relieves much pressure on learners during their Grade 12 year. Parents should ensure that their children apply for university entrance in good time.

Go the Distance
The Senior Production of “Go the Distance”, from 18-20 April, written and directed by Mrs Avrille Putter and boasting a large cast of nearly 100 learners and crew, was a tremendous success.

The story, based on a young boxer, Zekiah Molope, brilliantly performed by Ikhona Koeberg, whisked the audience through the colourful streets, shebeens and gyms of Sophiatown in the late 1950’s.The show was cleverly narrated by Peter Watermeyer who held the story together with excellent acting and clear enunciation. In his likeable role as Frank, Peter clearly told the story of Zekiah – a struggling young boxer – who became a hero as he ‘went the distance’ against Duke Jackson – the reigning middleweight champion, also convincingly played by Damon Fouche. Frank tells the story of Zekiah to a group of school children, led by Sima Desemela, who was aptly cast as Busi. This talented young woman ad-libbed her way through the show, adding many an hilarious punch line, and drew the entire audience and cast along with her skill. Her naughty co-horts provided much hilarity as they formed their own sub-plot to the main story-line. What was clearly evident is just how much these young thespians enjoyed themselves – and even the supporting cast was engaged in their puns and witticisms as they came up with something completely new each evening! ‘Go the Distance’ is an example of a group of truly unified youngsters having a great deal of fun along with a copious amount of talent!

Fourteen chess players played in an open Swiss chess tournament in Middelburg. This tournament also served as the second round of trials to select a team to represent the Chris Hani Chess District at the Chess SA championships in Johannesburg in December this year. In the U/18 section Liano Naidoo won all five of his matches and is ranked as the number 1 u18 player in our district. James Rose-Innes is ranked as the number 2 player in the u16 section. Rachael Houseman is ranked 3rd in the u14 section with Amahle Finca in 4th position on the log. This is a phenomenal achievement. We congratulate our chess players and look forward to the closed tournament in August where it will be determined which of our players will represent the district and our school at National level.

On 24 April, the Union junior chess players played a friendly chess match against Laer Volkskool. We played two rounds and managed to win both rounds. The scores were 20 - 12 and 22 - 10. The first team players continued to show character and poise in the way they approached their matches. The beginners were enthusiastic but lost concentration and gave up pieces too easily. It was a very pleasant afternoon of chess.

We hosted a very successful friendly chess tournament on Monday 14 May. We had a record number of chess players participating - a total of 110! The following primary schools took part: Laer Volkskool, Laerskool Karel Theron, Gill College, Graaff-Reinet Primêr, Kroonvale Primêr, Cradock Primary and Union High School. The following high schools participated: Hoër Volkskool, Marlow Hoërskool, Cradock High School and Union High School. Each chess player played four matches. It was a very enjoyable afternoon of chess.

The School hosted a very successful chess tournament on Saturday 16 June for all the primary schools in Graaff-Reinet. The idea is to promote chess at all schools in Graaff-Reinet so that we can establish a dynamic chess culture in Graaff-Reinet. This would not be possible without the generous sponsorship from the Prescient Foundation. We were fortunate to have players from Kroonvale Primêr, Graaff-Reinet Primer, Laer Volkskool, Union High School and Isibane, as well as interested teachers for Ryneveld Primêr! All primary schools in the immediate Graaff-Reinet district will be invited to our next open friendly tournament that will take place in the fourth term. A friendly open tournament for high schools will take place next term at Union High School.

UHS hosted Asherville High School in a Prepared Speech Competition for Grade 10 learners in The Tony Burrell Union. The evening was most enjoyable. Well done to Kwezi Simon who was placed first. A word of thanks to Laeticia Theron for her part in welcoming the guests and to Somila Batala, Bowen Langmead and Déger Williams for adjudicating. They certainly did a wonderful job and gained insight into what constitutes a good speech.

Mrs Brink and Mrs van Rooyen attended the ATKV Applous Choir Workshop at Kabega Primary School in Port Elizabeth on 17 May. The presenters were Hannelize du Plessis and Bragi Valsson, both experts in the choir world. Topics that were covered at the workshop included: The value of singing in a choir, Conducting techniques, Choice of repertoire, Auditions, Rehearsal time, Choir sound, Voice building, Vocal exercises, Acoustics, Intonation, Adjudication, Accompaniment and Choir performances and stage etiquette. Mrs Brink and Mrs van Rooyen are very excited and inspired to implement all that they have learned and trust that our Junior Choir will grow in numbers and quality of singing, but also that the voices of a Senior Choir will soon fill our campus.

Matric Farewell Dance
The annual Matric Farewell Dance was held on Friday evening, 18 May. It was a suitably elegant occasion where the Grade 12 class were treated to an evening of sophistication, camaraderie and dance. We extend our gratitude to the Grade 11 class, the Matric Farewell Committee, staff and parents who contributed to the magic of this event.

Art Club
The Art Club has had a busy term and the learners who are part of this club have reported that they have benefitted tremendously by attending these classes and outings. Mrs Janet Kingwill shared with the learners how to use water colours. What made the afternoon so enjoyable was that our Art Club invited learners from Spandau Secondary School to join them. Mrs Rose-Innes had a very interesting afternoon with the Art Clubbers and showed them how to paint with ink.

ECO-wise Day
We celebrate our Eco status twice a year by holding whole-school Eco-Wise Days. On Tuesday 27 March, we wrapped up the first term enjoying various eco activities. Each class or grade decided on an eco-activity and for an hour and a half, the school is a bustle with joyful and worthwhile projects. This term the projects on campus included: Learning about the problem of plastic in our oceans, learning more about our indigenous trees , picking up litter, the cleaning up of graffiti, making a recycled ball and playing duster hockey and there was a presentation on Inner Purity for the Grade 11. There were several off-campus activities too: Angel Park in the centre of town was cleaned up by a group of learners, another group of learners visited Huis van der Graaff and as they walked, they picked up litter in the streets and they gave gifts of Easter eggs to the residents, a different group of learners picked up litter at and around our Union Preparatory School and the Grade 10’s spent valuable time playing fun games with the young children from our Pre-School. The grounds team also joined in with the spirit of the day as they offloaded the two new Jo-Jo water tanks which they have installed on campus. These are sealed units and are fitted with filters, enabling clear rain water to be captured for drinking purposes. Thank you to all Eco Reps and staff for making this Eco-Wise Day worthwhile.

The Grade 10K glass filled 26 bottles for the Eco-brick project. Eco Representatives, Katherine Imrie, Liyema Sonjani and Erin O'Halloran ran this project and Erin filled almost 20 bottles!

Eco Club Fun
In excess of 30 students from Grades 5 to 7 joined the Eco Club this term. They spent time learning about wind and wind energy. Then they explored the interdependence of all life and food chains. The discovered that everything in nature has an important role to play in the sustainable chain of life. When learning about food chains, these young eco warriors noted the importance of preserving habitats and discovered not only the primary links, but also the secondary links, between organic matter and creatures. The group then investigated sustainable eco-tourism and discovered how important it is for businesses in our town to support each other so that each one may enjoy a piece of the pie. The term ended with a loyal members’ reward outing to our town’s famous Valley of Desolation. They enjoyed a guided hike of the Crag Lizard Trail with Rosemary Scheepers from SANParks. The group stopped for a picnic at the beacon which is the highest point at the Valley and overlooks the beautiful vistas of the plains of the Camdeboo. These dedicated Eco Warriors are the budding engineers, entrepreneurs and conservationists of the future who will continue to preserve life and use our natural resources sustainably.

Eco Amazing Race
On Friday afternoon, 8 June, eight teams took part in this year’s Eco-Amazing Race. Once again, SANParks and Spur also joined in and hosted stations consisting of varied and interesting eco activities. Activities included: a sport quiz, a general knowledge quiz about our local park and birds at the Granaat Lapa at the SANPark offices on the Middleburg Road, designing an eco-related poem and performing it in the music rooms at school. There was a special team prize for the best performance, which was awarded to Team No. 7. Well done to Mrs Gamiet, Amanda Brink, Joshua Basson and Bavu Hermans who each won a R50 voucher from XTT. Following this creative cultural activity the groups took part in three physical activities. At Spur the teams began by completing a Green Ops Report, and then they participated in a recycling activity. Finally they had to find the “Indian dude by the river” and whatsApp a group selfie to Caryn, the franchise owner. Excellent participation was the focus this year with a number of staff members and parents taking part in the race, either as station managers or team managers and team skills were tested when learners of different ages and genders had to work together.

Congratulations to the winners: In first place was Team No. 1 (Mrs Langmead, Megan Nortje, Ryan Jenneke and Drew Dobinson) who each received a voucher of R250 from Pick ‘n Pay. Team No. 7 (Mrs Gamiet, Amanda Brink, Joshua Basson and Bavu Hermans) not only walked off with the “Best Performance” prize, but also second prize – Spur vouchers of R200 for each team member.

Congratulations to the third team in, Team No. 4 (Mrs Louise Potgieter, Jenna-Lee Jansen, Zara Deysel-Douman and Cameron Muir) who each received a voucher of R100 from Our Yard. We are grateful to all partners and generous sponsors, adults and learners who made this year’s Eco Amazing Race a fun day to remember.

Monday Morning Devotions
Apart from prefects and groups representing clubs or societies at Union, senior learners are afforded the opportunity of sharing short devotions at the Monday Assembly. We thank them for their willingness. Thank you also to the members of staff who assist them.

Despatch Kunstefees
On 8 May, 13 learners travelled to Despatch to participate in the bi-annual Despatch Kunstefees. They presented 29 items ranging from poetry, monologues, dramatised prose, dialogues and dramatised poetry. They did exceptionally well and we are very proud of them. The learners were awarded two B's, two B+'s, nine A's, and 11 A+s. We are particularly pleased with the five A++ (above 90%) certificates awarded to three of our learners.
Results: Amahle Finca – A; Keoarana Letube - A, A; Musa Zweni - A, A; Sasha Cochrane - A, A+; Aziza Mduduma - A+, A+; Sisipho de Vos - B, B+, A; Aaminah Steele - B, A, A+; Lolitha Saki - B+, B+, A+; Erin Gedult - A, A+, A+; Cadee Arends - A+, A+, A+; Brigette Oelofsen - A+, A++, A++; Caitrin Spence - A+, A++, A++ and Rachel Houseman - A+, A+, A+, A++.

The R.C.L. has had a busy and constructive term, where matters pertaining to the learners at school are discussed and training takes place. The body viewed a presentation on the Five Steps of Leadership this term

Ben Kroon has been invited to the 116th Lexden Patrol Leader Training Unit Course as a staff member from 23 June to 8 July. We congratulate Ben on this well-earned recognition of the value he brings to the scout movement.

Congratulations are extended to Cameron Muir who was presented with the Springbok Scout Badge at a ceremony at the Scout Hall on Friday 15 June. The Springbok Award is the highest badge that any scout can achieve, and is the culmination of many years of hard work. The occasion was also used to invest three new scouts, Jayden Swart, David Venter and Karl Venter, into the World Brotherhood of Scouting.

We are pleased to inform you that we have entered into an arrangement with Mr Pierre Greyling, a biokineticist, who from this term will be based in our Sports Department Gym. In exchange for his use of our facility, a certain amount of his time will be devoted to the post-physiotherapy rehabilitation of our sportsmen and women who have sustained injuries. In the new season, he will provide much guidance in the conditioning of our athletes.

During the April holiday, we hosted the 31st Annual Senior Rugby and Hockey Festival, and once again it was a tremendous success, with teams from across the country participating. With 600 learners and 95 coaches attending, our boarding houses were bursting at the seams. A festival of this magnitude cannot be hosted without sponsors. The main sponsors of the festival were – Caltex, College Motors, Hyundai, Pick ‘n Pay, SupaQuick and Spur - we appreciate the ongoing support from these businesses and look forward to many more years of working together.
1st XV results: vs Hoërskool Charlie Hofmeyr 14-12, vs Hoërskool Grens 25-8.
1st Hockey results: vs Hoërskool Framesby 4-1, vs Paarl Gimnasium Inv 1-0, vs Kingsridge High School 2-0, vs Settlers High School 3-1,vs Cambridge High School 6-0.
Invitation Hockey results: vs Nico Malan 0-5, vs Linkside High School 1-0, vs Victoria Girls High School 1-2,vs Gill College 0-0.

In March, Candice Russell and Cameron Muir attended the South African Championships in Pretoria to represent Eastern Province and performed very well and surpassed the 2000 point benchmark. Candice placed 15th out of a field of 25 and scored an impressive 2114 points, while Cameron managed 12th spot in a field of 24, scoring 2065 points. Results:
Cameron Muir: Run time : 6:34:69, Run points : 982, Swim time : 1:12:72, Swim points : 1083, Total points : 2065, Position : 12/24
Candice Russell: Run time : 3:32:41, Run points : 1063, Swim time : 1:20:92, Swim points : 1051, Total points : 2114, Position : 15/25

During the Easter holidays, Leah Marais was selected to play in an invitation side at the Elsie Coetzer Hockey Tournament (ECHS) which took place from 5-9 April in Bloemfontein. During this festival, a panel of two professional Dutch selectors were scouting for players to play in an invitation team to tour Germany and the Netherlands in September 2018. We congratulate Leah Marais on her selection for this touring team.

Before our fixture against Aliwal North, three of the 1st Team hockey players, Micela Loock, Sima Desemela and Jenna McNaughton, each received an award for earning 100 caps for the 1st team. We congratulate these three players on this impressive achievement, and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to the following girls on their selection to Eastern Province Hockey Teams: Chloe Shires u14B, Yente Retief u18B, Micela Loock u18B and Candice Russell u18B.

During this term, the School hosted three rounds of a Karoo Round-robin Hockey Tournament on Friday afternoons in a wonderful initiative that will assist in the growth of hockey in this region. The participating teams were Union, Cradock, Graaff-Reinet Primary, Gill and Middleburg Homeschoolers. It was especially wonderful to see the introduction of Graaff-Reinet Primary School to our Karoo league.

The U11 Rugby Squad travelled to Port Elizabeth from 12-14 April to participate in the Clarendon Park Primary School U11 Rugby Festival. Over the course of two days the boys played in three matches. The under 11s got off to a slow start in the first match vs Westering, losing 0-24. On Friday they started to gain some momentum as they narrowly lost 10-15 to a very strong Herbert Hurd side. In their very exciting final match, which was seen by festival directors as the match of the festival, they beat Summerwood 12-7.

Congratulations to the following learners who have been selected to play for the Karoo u15 rugby team at a tournament in Aliwal North on 22 and 23 June: Michael-Joe Newton, El-Jero Ellie, Siphesihle Goliath, Joseph Barker, James Pienaar and Liam Langeveldt.

Congratulations to Mr Felix who has been appointed Assistant Coach of the Eastern Province Country Districts U18A Rugby Team which will participate in the Academy Week Tournament in Paarl from 7-14 July.

It has been a busy and challenging term for our rugby teams who have travelled extensively throughout the Eastern Cape to play fixtures. This places an additional strain on our boys and coaches, but they have risen to the challenge. The 1st XV victory over traditional rivals Graeme College on 16 June was a particular highlight.

19th Anne Beagley Junior Rugby and Hockey Festival: 22-25 June 2018
This year we are hosting 21 schools, with a total of 32 teams participating in fun-filled hockey and rugby. There are approximately 620 learners attending the festival, although this may increase as some schools have requested to bring extra players. As always the sport will be competitive with the boys playing three rugby matches and the girls playing five hockey matches. We are looking forward to seeing our Junior Teams in action as they have performed well throughout the season and we are hoping that they will continue this trend at the festival. Parents and supporters are welcome to join us on Saturday night 23 June at 19:00 for a Steak Braai in the Tony Burrell Union. The cost is R120 per meal and a cash bar will be available

Our shooting team has been hard at work under the watchful eye of their coach Christelle van Eck, who is guiding these enthusiastic young learners. On Saturday 12 May, Ryan Hobson, Kelly-Page Scott and Matthew Hesselink, travelled to Uitenhage where they participated in the Silhouette Shooting league. They shot in three categories, Air Rifle Open sight, Air Rifle Unlimited and Sport Air Pistol. All 3 shottists achieved very good scores considering that it was the very first time that they were shooting in the latter 2 categories. On Wednesday 23 May, eight learners travelled to Marlow in Cradock to shoot for League points. With five learners attending for the first time, Coach Christelle van Eck complimented the regular team members who assisted the newcomers and encouraged. We are proud of Grace Merifield, Tammy James, Tessa James, Kelly-Page Scott, Lauren Waddelow, Matthew Hesselink, Ryan Hobson and Schea Johnson.

Despite a busy rugby and hockey programme, the 1st and 2nd boys’ and girls’ Senior Tennis Teams participated in the Graaff-Reinet and District Winter League. They all acquitted themselves well against strong and experienced opponents from the surrounding clubs. We received compliments on the behaviour of these players. Congratulations to Kwande Mhlabeni on his selection to represent the Eastern Cape U15 Tennis Team at the National Primary Schools Inter-Provincial Tournament held in Pretoria from 27 April -1 May. Kwande is an extremely dedicated and hard-working tennis player, and is currently ranked No. 6 in the Eastern Province.

Cambridge High School Festival
Our 1st XV and 1st Hockey teams travel to East London from 22-25 June to participate in the bi-annual Cambridge High School Festival. We wish our teams everything of the best for this event.


Interschools 2018 from 6-11 August this year will be hosted by Laer Volkskool. We are looking forward to a wonderful week's competition with Laer and Hoër Volkskool and to welcoming back to their alma mater many reunion groups. Please note that Thursday 9 August is a public holiday, but sport and cultural events will continue. While Friday 10 August is school holiday, we will continue with a normal school day for all learners with the Interschools Assembly taking place. Please do not request permission for your children to be excused from school on this day.

Boarding Houses
Learners are to return to the boarding houses at the beginning of a term in full school uniform; once they are in our care, normal rules apply and they may not go to town in civilian attire.

There is significant congestion in the parking areas surrounding Max Kroon House and Herby Arnott House, particularly on a Monday morning. Parents of day learners are requested to avoid this area, and parents dropping their daughters at HAH are requested to park behind the building, if at all possible.
On Mothers' Day, Herby Arnott House and Arthur Kingwill House joined forces to celebrate the special 'mothers' in their lives. All of the boarding house 'mom's' were given a break and the boarders cooked a delicious brunch.

Our termly boarders met up with the cyclists on the Unogwaja Challenge on Sunday 3 June, and accompanied them on their ride into town. We salute these incredible athletes who concluded their journey with running the Comrades Marathon.

Grounds and Buildings
As part of the School’s Centenary celebrations, we are planning to pave with beautiful Karoo stone the area between the school quad and our fields. We encourage each learner, past pupil, parent and friend of the Union Schools to bring a flat stone that will be a lasting reminder of the special times you enjoyed at our school. Your rock may be any colour or shape, 4cm or thicker and about dinner plate sized and bigger. Imagine in years to come, walking over this beautiful area that symbolizes your time here. Take a walk in the veld or around your home and find a flat rock and please bring it to school. There is a “ROCK DROP ZONE” to the right of the main field gate, between the school building and the outer fence where stones may be dropped. It would be appreciated if those who have access to larger quantities of flat stone would contact us to organise transport or offloading, or if you would like to make a donation towards sand or cement. Please contact: Joan McNaughton – cell 0724967289; e-mail – pjmcn@adsactive.com. Our target date is the end of June, so go out there, find a rock, and help us beautify our remarkable school

Maintenance at the School is ongoing and Mr Kingwill and his staff get through a mountain of work: new grass is being planted at the crickets nets, boards for hockey team photos have been purchased and will be put up in school hallways, repair work has been done on the swimming pool filtration system, buses have been serviced and roadworthied, cricket covers have been fixed and one set of "pole socks" for the rugby poles on the Minnaar Field have been redone.

We extend our thanks to Mrs Amy-Louise Mrs Swart who has taken over the responsibility of tending to our gardens from Mrs Karin Marais. We are very grateful to her for many hours of toil in the Karoo sun.

#I Love Union
Purchase your #iloveunion sticker as soon as possible for only R20! They are available from Mrs Shell.

Facebook, Communicator and Website
We place a vast amount of information of these sites. Please visit them on a regular basis to keep up with all the happening at the school throughout the term.

MySchool Card
Each learner received a MySchool Card application form. Please return the completed form to school, if you have not done so yet.

All locker money must please be paid to Mrs Moos in the school foyer by the first Friday of next term. Cost: Small – R 25, 00 per term; Big – R 35, 00 per term.

Clothing Shop Hours
The email address for Mrs Smit in the clothing shop is clothing@unionschools.co.za
The opening times for the shop are from 08:00 to 12:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Important 3rd Term Dates

Tuesday, 17 July : School reopens 08:00 to 13:30
Summer times are applicable to the rest of the week.
If the first school day attached to a long weekend is not a Monday: 08:00 to 13:30.
After a public holiday - not attached to a weekend: 07:05 to 13:30.
6-11 August: Interschools
Friday, 11 August : Assembly at 09:00
Old Unionite National Association A.G.M. at 11:00
Friday, 24 August : 2019 Prefect and RCL Induction Assembly
Winter Sports and Service Awards Assembly
Tuesday, 27 August : Grade 12 Trial examinations commence (Provisional date)
Friday, 28 September : School closes

I wish all our learners and their families a peaceful and restful holiday. If you are going away, travel safely and thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy the break.

Yours faithfully