Union High School

Pastoral Care

picThe Counselling Centre provides a vital service to our learners who at times find it extremely difficult to deal with all of life’s pressures. Learners sometimes need help to resolve personal concerns that could hinder academic concentration and achievement if left unattended. The counselling process includes many aspects such as guidance regarding relationships, integrity, self-esteem, teaching stress and relaxation coping mechanisms, self-discipline, goal-setting, academic planning and study skills, time management, career planning, decision making, problem solving and an understanding of self. The counselling process endeavours to teach learners to make better choices that will help them to meet their needs in more effective ways as they strive to develop better relationships, increased happiness and a sense of inner control of their lives.

Students Christian Associations
Junior School SCA

A number of committed Christians from grades 5, 6 & 7 gather together every Wednesday evening, under the guidance of Ms Street. These intimate meetings take the form of a Bible lesson and activities around a specific theme, supported by Scripture references and prayer. It is a safe space where sensitive issues are tackled and vulnerable humility is rewarded by God’s grace and spiritual growth.

Senior SCA
Senior SCA includes all learners from Grade 8 to Matric. We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings from 18:15 to about 19:30. As requested by the learners the meetings have been in the style of “Bible Studies” where they are not entertained, but are able to delve into the meat of the Word of God. We have concluded studies into Biblical Prophecy and are embarking on some of the more practical matters from the book of James. We believe it is imperative that our young people live out their faith in their everyday world and help to influence their world positively.

Besides the weekly meeting, we also pray at school during second break once a week and every term allocate a full week to such prayer times. Opportunity is given for testimonies to be shared at such meetings. We support the learners in their spiritual growth and are encouraged to have learners leading meetings at break on their own and also ministering at school assemblies on Monday and Friday mornings when those opportunities are opened for them.

As the opportunity presents itself, SCA organises “outside” speakers to address our learners.

Christian Youth Groups meet on Friday evenings:
Anglican Youth Group (grades 8 - 12)
Interdenominational Group (grades 7 - 9)
Elevate – at The Assembly of God (grades 8 – 12)

The Alpha Course is held annually for senior pupils.

Boarders attend the church of their choice on Sunday mornings. One evening a week is made available for confirmation, cell groups and catechism classes.

A Moms-in-touch prayer group meets every Monday morning at 7.15.

Pupils meet for Prayer every Thursday at second break.

Evening devotions are held at both hostels. An outreach team visits various outlying churches for the purposes of ministering. This team operates both interdenominationally and cross culturally.

Denominations & contact details:
Assembly of God: Dolan Cochrane (Pastor) & Ingrid Kingwill (Youth and Children’s Ministry Pastor) 049-8925126
Methodist Church: 049-8922458
Anglican Church: 049-8922458
Catholic Church: 049-8922721
Dutch Reformed Church: 049-8922422