The Senior group (grades 8 – 12) meets once a week to practise their game and compete with one another. Chess is divided into two leagues to give learners an equal opportunity to learn from one another and gain confidence. The 1st league is the Bishops league which consists of the school’s top 12 players and the 2nd is the Knights league. The top twelve players regularly take part in matches involving the Midland Schools and if an opportunity presents itself, our Chess learners would travel with the Rugby and Hockey to compete against the chess teams of those schools.
The chess ladder gives Union Players an incentive to improve their standard of chess. Players can attain team awards, half-colours and, if exceptional, colours, in chess.  During the year, the players take part in a knock-out competition for the Geoff Kingwill Floating Trophy which is awarded at the end of the year.

The Junior Chess group meets once a week to learn new skills, practice their game and compete against each other. A chess ladder is kept to show players where they are ranked. Friendly tournaments are played against neighbouring schools such as Cradock, Gill and Karel Theron. During the annual Interschools, two Junior Chess teams compete against Volkskool.

The players compete for the Harward Dixon Floating Trophy in an internal knock-out competition.This trophy is awarded at the Junior Prize Giving.

An informal chess practice takes place once a year at a restaurant in town as well as a movie night when a chess-related movie is screened.