Our Approach

Union High School offers blue skies and big horizons. As an English-medium, co-ed public school, Union High provides a truly unique schooling journey surrounded by lifelong friends and mentors.

Small classes ensure full participation and personal attention to nurture young minds, providing an environment in which children can focus and flourish.

A child can expect success here, experiencing the best of country living coupled with modern day schooling.

Union pupils consistently achieve top academic honours in the Sarah Baartman District, having been taught by highly-qualified educators who are equipped with the latest audio-visual and computer technology.


Our CAPS curriculum has been carefully designed to educate students with diverse cultural backgrounds. Our approach prepares our graduates to enter colleges and universities around the world and helps them succeed in life.

We make use of Tablet technology. E-learning with ITSI allows for digital learning and preparing learners well for the global world. Learners using tablets have access to all PowerPoint presentations

All classrooms have been equipped with White-board technology. Mathematics and Science classrooms are equipped with Mimio whiteboards and are being used effectively.

Interventions are implemented as soon as a problem has been identified and a very efficient counselling and intervention programme are then set in place as support.

Academic enrichment forms a large part of our academic programme and includes an Odyssey for Grade 10 learners, a Top Level club, a fully equipped Media centre for the use of CAMI Math programme amongst other, Science and Life Sciences laboratories, a Career Guidance and Counselling Centre and an overseas Exchange Programme with Salisbury Cathedral. Our learners partake in various Olympiads for Mathematics, Science and Accounting.

Collaborative learning

In every subject and at every grade level, our academic approach provides a special structure that promotes mastery of essential concepts. This proven and highly effective system engages students through a dynamic and collaborative learning process.

Our teachers - knowledgeable and passionate facilitators of learning - initiate the system as they introduce concepts to students and engage them in instruction that hones critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities. At critical points in the learning process in each lesson, the classroom is divided into smaller groups, enabling student mentors to reinforce and confirm learning.

In this fluid process, our students have the opportunity to explore their understanding, seek clarification, and receive reinstruction as needed - as part of an engaged community of learners.


The instructional process at Union High School is supported by regularly scheduled assessments that measure student progress and help identify areas for review. Students are not measured against one another; rather, they are treated as individuals measured against desired outcomes. In this way, learners achieve subject mastery and become confident test takers, many of whom score in the upper percentiles among other schools in the area on standardized tests and common NSC examinations.  This comprehensive preparation for tertiary education has ensured a high acceptance rate to meet the challenges of a changing world.



Don't limit your challenges - Challenge your limits

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