Despite being a relatively small school, Union teams compete successfully with much larger schools on the sports field, often way beyond expectation. This is evidence not only of the strong school spirit, but a holistic environment that seeks to encourage each and every learner to pursue excellence and achieve his or her full potential in every sphere of school life.

In sport, the school has three primary aims:
• to foster the highest standards of sportsmanship,
• to encourage excellence, and
• to provide opportunities and coaching for every learner in the school.

Sport is seen as a tool through which relationships between educators and learners can be strengthened. It builds lasting friendships and has positively impacted the lives of participants over the years.

The Sports Department consists of professional rugby, cricket and hockey coaches who provide expert coaching and administration, and boasts the finest facilities, including a hockey Astroturf, magnificent playing fields, turf cricket nets, nine tennis courts and a gymnasium.

The following sports are offered: Athletics, Cricket, Biathlon, Hockey, Rugby, Swimming, Shooting and Tennis.

Each learner is expected to participate in at least one summer and one winter sport, but may participate in as many as is feasible. Colours awards are made in all sports to encourage the pursuit of excellence and to reward those who achieve high standards.

Three sports festivals, a senior cricket, junior rugby and hockey and senior rugby and hockey, are held at the school each year. The school has also hosted the Cape Schools' Cricket Week on many occasions. Although situated in the arid Karoo, Union's sports fields and facilities are magnificent - incomparable to any other!

•    9 tennis courts
•    swimming pool
•    three cricket fields & six cricket nets
•    two rugby fields
•    Astroturf and grass hockey field
•    well equipped gymnasium