Union High School is one of the few state schools in the Eastern Cape that still offers Music as a subject. Gr 8 – 12 practical and theoretical lessons take place during the school day and from grade 10 – 12, learners can take Music as a subject, minimum requirements: practical & theory Grade 3, instead of Accounting, Geography or History. Because of the nature of Music as a subject and the restrictions on entering this subject, the classes have remained small.


The Music Department follows the Piano Adventures curriculum (www.pianoadventures.com) – a worldwide piano pedagogy award winning program.

Pupils may also prepare for an external music examination, ABRSM (www.abrsm.org), Trinity (www.trinitycollege.com) or Rockschool (www.rslawards.com), if the wish to do so, at any point in time.


All pupils are encouraged to participate in at least one of our many cultural activities.

Union High School’s CHOIR PROGRAMME is a place where students from the Primary Department and High School come together to create beautiful music and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a seasoned vocalist or looking to explore your musical talents, we invite all learners to audition at the beginning of the school year for a chance to be part of our esteemed choir.

Auditions and Rehearsals
At the start of each academic year, auditions are held to select members for our Primary and High School choirs. These auditions are open to all students who have a passion for singing and wish to showcase their vocal abilities. Our music teachers guide students through this process, ensuring a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all.

Once selected, choir members participate in weekly rehearsals, dedicating an hour each week to hone their vocal skills and prepare for performances. These rehearsals not only enhance musical abilities but also foster teamwork and discipline among our students.

Performance Opportunities
Our choirs puts on performances throughout the school year. From interschool assemblies and prizegivings to the prestigious Camdeboo Eisteddfod, our choir showcases their talent at a variety of events. These performances allow students to shine on stage and share their love of music with the school community.

Benefits of Joining
Joining the school choir offers numerous benefits beyond musical development. Students who participate in choir gain confidence in their abilities, learn the value of teamwork, and develop important performance skills. Choir members also experience the joy of creating music together and building lasting friendships through their shared passion.

How to Get Involved
If you’re interested in joining the choir or have any questions about our program, please contact Mrs. Brink (Primary Choir) or Ms. Ooshuizen (High School Choir). We encourage all students to explore their musical potential and discover the enriching world of choral singing.
Join Us Today! We look forward to welcoming new voices into our choir family and creating unforgettable musical moments together. Embrace the joy of singing and become part of something special!

Discover the Joy of MARIMBA MUSIC!

Whether you’re a seasoned percussionist or eager to try something new, our Primary Marimba band and three High School Marimba bands offer an enriching musical experience for students of all levels.

Auditions and Participation
At the beginning of each school year auditions for our Marimba bands are open to any interested learner. These auditions provide an opportunity for students to showcase their rhythmic talents and passion for music. Each band can accommodate up to 11 learners, ensuring a dynamic and collaborative experience for all participants.

Performance Opportunities
Members of our Marimba bands have the chance to shine on stage throughout the year. From lively school assemblies to exciting eisteddfods and cultural events, our bands showcase their talents and entertain audiences with captivating Marimba music. These performances not only showcase the dedication and hard work of our students but also contribute to the vibrant cultural life of our school community.

Benefits of Joining
Joining the Marimba program offers numerous benefits beyond musical development. Students develop essential skills such as teamwork, coordination, and discipline through regular rehearsals and performances. Playing Marimba also fosters creativity and a sense of cultural appreciation among our learners.

How to Audition
If you’re interested in auditioning for one of our Marimba bands or have any questions about the program, please reach out to Mrs. Brink (Primary Department) or Ms. Oosthuizen (High School). We welcome all students to explore the world of Marimba music and discover the joy of making music together.