Our Vision

We are committed to creating a happy environment where all students are afforded every opportunity for growth, and are encouraged to achieve their full potential in academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual activities under the guidance of professional educators, thereby enabling them to become fulfilled, self-reliant and responsible citizens.

Our Mission

  • To provide a high standard of all-round education to every student, thus making a significant contribution to nation-building through the development of the human resources of our country;
    • To be accessible to students from the wider South African community, while maintaining English as the medium of instruction;
    • To inculcate the values of truth, loyalty and justice, as enshrined in our motto;
    • To use the opportunities provided by communal and boarding life to develop in our students attitudes of tolerance towards others, and respect for their person and property;
    • To utilise fully the resources offered by the local community and opportunities presented by the school’s unique situation to develop the interests and abilities of the students as widely as possible;
    • To foster an environment which will encourage students’ spiritual development based upon Biblical Christianity, without prejudice to students from other religious backgrounds; and
    • To offer girls and boys the opportunity to develop together in a stable home-like environment.