Grade 5 Excursion

The Gr 5s enjoyed a reward excursion (no DT this year) to the Gariep Dam district. They went on a fascinating dam wall tour & were excited to see and learn how the dam operates. Thereafter, a delicious lunch was served by Mrs Pienaar at the Forever Resort Campsite.

Great fun was had setting up camp and the children so enjoyed playing in the play park all afternoon. Mr Steenkamp and a few boys took care of the braaiing and then supper under the stars was enjoyed. The night was long, noisy and full of fun.

After breakfast the following day the group visited the Pienaar’s farm. On the farm Jack Pienaar, Hayden’s dad, demonstrated how a windmill works using the wind and kinetic energy. Then at the Orange River the learners were shown the solar panels which generate the energy needed to pump water from the river onto the lucern fields.

A sheep dog demonstration wowed us all and we all had the opportunity of touching a lamb. Hot and tired we arrived at the Wimpy in Colesberg and enjoyed our lunch. On the return journey the buses were quiet as most children slept off the effects of an all-night stay awake. The trip was educational & fun with time for learning, playing and just chilling.

We received a couple of compliments on our sweet and well-behaved learners. We all loved this trip!