Gr 11 Maths Camp

Maths camp adds to learners’ confidence

This past weekend, a maths retreat in Nieu-Bethesda proved a winning formula for Union High School’s Grade 11s.

During this annual excursion, the learners do more than just the regular run-of-the-mill high school mathematics. Here, they take a look at the world of mathematics beyond what is covered in the syllabus.

During this year’s camp, the Grade 11s built their confidence in the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Ratio and two and three-dimensional fractiles.  The learners also had some time to apply their knowledge of Grade 11 mathematics by solving problems and cracking codes which were designed by maths teacher, Mr. Elrich Jantjies.

On Saturday, 31 August, they took a walk to find fractiles in the real world – this activity was however cut short by rain. Most of the learners then made use of this time to study for their upcoming tests.  Later that evening, they watched a movie called “Hidden Figures” which they all found very inspirational.

Every year, this maths camp is a tremendous success and thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.  It would, however, not be possible without the generosity and kindness of Ian and Katrin Alleman and their staff, who always host and accommodate the group at their backpacker accommodation establishment in Nieu-Bethesda.

Biathlon – Event #1

Only three Union biathletes made the journey to Port Elizabeth to compete in the 1st league event of the 2019/2020 season. Despite the very cold and blustery conditions, newcomers to the sport, Mecoli Vorster and Luc Railton competed for the first time and acquitted themselves well, while Brigette Oelofsen was sadly unable to complete the run due to a recurring knee injury. All three competitors did surprisingly well in the swim portion of the event, despite the long layoff over the winter season. They are looking forward to improving both their swim and run times in the next league event which is to be held this coming weekend.

Eco Club

On Friday, 30 August, the members of Union’s Eco-Club met up once again for a most-enjoyable afternoon.

The learners were tasked with putting their knowledge about directions and orientation into practice by studying a map of Graaff-Reinet.

While the activity in itself was a ton of fun, it also served to increase the learners’ knowledge about the beautiful little town