UHS Eco-Life

It’s a wrap!

This year, Union High School’s Eco-Schools Committee chose the theme “Water” with the emphasis on conserving water, spreading water-wise awareness, capturing and storing water.

The Eco Code was revised and Wise-up Wednesdays were instituted along with the existing MAD Fridays, to be driven by the Educators and Eco-Reps of each class.

Big construction projects were undertaken by the school this year, which included the bathroom revamp of Herby Arnott House, the complete renovation of Max Kroon House, the revamp of the junior boys’ bathroom at the High School and the repairing of the swimming pool which turned out to be a major rebuilding project.

Thankfully, this swimming pool project was completed mid-September, with the pool being refilled just in time for the swimming season.

Union continues to support schools in our district. We make our sports facilities available and offer our transport services to assist other schools.

Union also works together with other schools to promote interest in and improved skills in chess.

This year, Union’s Primary Department addressed a need at Sonskraal Crèche, by donating a sizable amount of appropriate toys and books to them.

The Sponsor-a-Brick Project was undertaken by the entire learner body of the school during the third term, to aid Kroonvale Primary with the construction of their school hall.

Many learners and staff, even old Unionites who read about it on our Facebook page, contributed to this project, enabling our estate manager Mr Donald Kingwill to deliver the bricks before the end of the third term.

Outdoor Education in the form of camps, excursions and outdoor lessons continue to add value to our eco focus.

An Eco-Wise Day was held at the end of the first term and enjoyed by all those actively involved.

The Eco Amazing Race was cancelled this year, but the Eco Club took over three community projects which were incorporated into its planning, by:

– assisting with providing water for the community during a time when it was sorely needed;
– establishing the Spekboom Nursery project for SANParks;
– and providing 10 Santa Shoeboxes for indigent children.

The latter was done in conjunction with assistance from ten of Union’s Interact Club members who guided the Eco Clubbers in choosing and buying the necessary articles.

A civvies day was held to raise funds for the purchases of the presents and the learners loved this charitable exercise, suggesting that we do it again next year.

Litter clean-ups, separating paper waste, blood donation drives and the making of eco-bricks continued this year.  The latter was donated, by kind favour of one of our learners, to an organisation in Hogsback who are building with eco-bricks.

Greening our school has continued, amidst the worst drought in many decades.

During Arbor Week a Camdeboo Stinkwood tree was planted and a special assembly held. Despite the challenges a drought presents, the gardens and sports fields have been maintained using fountain water. The Jo-Jo tanks installed ensure that our learners enjoy a clean supply of drinking water.

Healthy Living education was kick-started this year by Mrs Christine Scott who educated the parents and educators about Gut Health.

The Union Tuck Shop was encouraged to have healthier options available on sale for our learners.

The school organised education sessions against substance abuse and this included experts in the field from both the private and government sectors.

Many learners were deeply moved by what they heard and saw, requesting that such educational and motivational initiatives become a regular part of our school programme.

Next year the school looks forward to focussing on restructuring some of the fundamental elements of our Eco-Schools Programme in order to make room for innovation and inspiration.