Gr 8 Orientation Camp

A great way to start the year!

Union High School’s Grade 8s started their year with a fantastic orientation camp.

The aim of this camp is not only to promote positive interaction among the Grade 8 group but also to establish a relationship of mutual respect and collaboration between the Grade 8s and the school’s prefects.

So, on Wednesday morning, 22 January, the excited Grade 8s – accompanied by the guides from the Camdeboo National Park, Union staff members and school prefects – set off on a fun hike in wonderful weather through the scenic Camdeboo National Park, all the way to the park’s Environmental Education Centre.

Here, the Grade 8s enjoyed lunch after which they engaged in activities with the park’s educational team and then tackled a series of specially designed tasks that facilitated them working together as a grade and co-operating with the senior mentoring system in the school.

This was an excellent opportunity for the senior leaders of the school to get to know their younger charges.

The learners seemed to have a lot of fun while creating a lot of happy memories of this exciting phase of their schooling.

Although completely exhausted, the Grade 8s arrived back on campus on Thursday, 23 January, prepped, excited and ready to embark on the journey of being a senior at Union High School.