Gr 12 Career Evening

On Wednesday evening, 5 May, Union High School hosted a career evening in the Tony Burrell Union for the 2021 Grade 12s to help them get a better understanding of their future.
With so many study directions and careers to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start! The event, therefore, aimed to bring together a diverse group of professionals to share their respective stories and career pathways pursued with our Grade 12s for their consideration.
Union High School extends its grateful thanks to the respective speakers and representatives of Varsity College, First National Bank, CTU Training Solutions and the Pearson Institute of Higher Education (some of whom met with the matrics on Thursday morning, 6 May) for sharing their stories and so eloquently discussing the various opportunities within their career fields and/or organisations with the learners.
It was a wonderful introduction for our learners to the breadth of career opportunities available to them and proved an ideal opportunity for the Grade 12s to consider their future.
It was also very encouraging to see the matrics engaging with the speakers with great enthusiasm throughout the evening with many commenting afterward that it provided them with a lot of valuable insights about life after high school that isn’t obvious from a university prospectus or a course syllabus.
Union’s head prefects Kyle-Luke du Preez and Hannah Watermeyer with Wednesday evening’s speakers.
β€’ Union extends a special word of thanks to Mrs Bronwen Langmead for organising the event, as well as to our head prefects Kyle-Luke du Preez and Hannah Watermeyer for their contribution to the evening.