2019 Fee Structure

School fees (gr 5 – 11) R 5 200 per term
School fees (gr 5 – 11) R 20 800 per year
School fees (gr 5 – 11) R 2 080 per month – 10 Months (January to October)
School fees (gr 12) R 6 933 per term (first three terms)
School fees (gr 12) R 2 311 per month – 9 Months (January to September)
Tablet Registration R 300 per year (grade 8 – 11)
Purchase of E-Books prices available from Mrs Shell
Stationery levy (gr 5 – 7 & gr 12) R 270 per year
Stationery levy (gr 8 – 11) R 130 per year
Computyping levy R 360 per year
Elevate Study Skills Levy (gr 6 & gr 9) R 320 per year
Piano & guitar lessons R 680 per term
Textbook Hire (grade 5 – 7 & 12) R 100 per book
(replacement cost of textbooks will be charged to your school account if not returned)
Stationery, Elevate study skills, Computyping levy, tablet registration fee and e-book purchases to be paid in cash at the beginning of the year.
Weekly boarders
Boarding fee R 8 580 per term
Boarding fee R 34 320 per year
Boarding fee – grade 12’s R 11 440 payable for the first three terms
Full term boarders
Boarding fee R 10 420 per term
Boarding fee R 41 680 per year
Boarding fee – grade 12’s R 13 893 payable for the first three terms
Unless stipulated otherwise, fees are payable in advance at the beginning of every term.
A 5% discount applies to school and hostel fees paid annually in advance, if paid by 31 January 2019.
For security reasons, fees must be paid by electronic transfer or direct deposit. No receipting of fees will be done at the schools.
Standard Bank, Graaff-Reinet
Account number: 082 528 330      Branch code: 050 116
Reference: Union account number or child’s surname and name
Please send proof of payment to fax 087 803 7464 or email uhsdebtors@unionschools.co.za
School fees may be paid by debit order, in 10 equal instalments from January to October. Please contact the Debtors Clerk if you wish to make use of this option.
 If a debit order is returned unpaid ONCE, the debit order will be cancelled and fees will have to be paid immediately in full for the term and the debit order will not be reinstated.
The total, partial or conditional exemption of parents, who are unable to pay compulsory school fees, will be determined in accordance with the criteria set out in The Exemption of Parents from School Fees Regulations (as amended in Government Gazette 39392 of 17 November 2006).
A parent who wishes to be exempted from the payment of school fees for a child, shall apply annually in writing by completing the relevant forms provided by the school and returning the forms to the school within 7 working days of receiving the forms.
The parent shall attend an interview with the school Principal or a member of the Governing Body.
Application forms are available from the Debtors Clerk.