A World of Opportunity Awaits

On Wednesday morning, 17 July, Ebben Hufkie, Priscilla Booysen and Leilani Brinkhuis, representatives of the Johann & Gaynor Rupert Foundation, paid a visit to Union High School.

The purpose of their visit was to address the school’s Grade 12 learners regarding the world of educational opportunities that await them after high school. To start, they gave a brief presentation in respect of university acceptance and fee structures. They also discussed possible career options to consider and encouraged learners to work hard towards achieving their most ambitious goals and dreams. They then broached the subject of the Johann and Gaynor Rupert Foundation Bursary Programme and explained to learners who would qualify for this programme.

They made it clear that the submission of bursary application forms must be accompanied by an acknowledgment from a tertiary institution that an application has been submitted and is being processed.

Union’s Grade 12s are urged to apply for this bursary before 30 September 2019.

The school extends its thanks to the Foundation for its investment in the education of our youth.

Union Farmers Market

The ‘Union Farmers Market’, being hosted by Union’s three boarding houses on Friday, the 9th of August, is a definite must-visit at this year’s Interschools!

To make it easier for shoppers, the organisers are offering parents, Old Unionites and friends of Union the option of pre-ordering Karoo lamb – cut and packed for your convenience – as well as pre-packed biltong, droëwors and venison. They’ll then have your order ready for you to pick up!



To find out more, or to complete the order form, click on the following link: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScYK1nBT7GV22r_4…/viewform…

Orders can also be e-mailed to unionschools.market@gmail.com.

Union Hall Repainted

School buildings age and as they do, there is a continuing challenge to maintain these facilities at a level that enables the school to meet the needs of the learners.

The task of caring for Union High School’s buildings, some of which are historically or architecturally significant, is considerable.

Luckily, Union has a team of dedicated groundsmen who are up to the task!

At present, Union’s school hall is being given a fresh new coat of paint by these gentlemen.

Chess vs Gill

On Friday afternoon, 12 July, Union’s Top 10 players pitted their skill in the strategic game of chess against that of Gill’s top players.

Three rounds were contested to determine who would emerge the victors. Union started strong, coming out on top after the first round with 12 points to 10. After a short break, the competition commenced again, with a determined Gill side claiming the win with 15 points to 7. With it all on the line in the third round, both teams gave it their best.

As the results started coming in, it was evident that nobody wanted to lose. The closely-contested round ended with an 11-all draw, to bring the final score to 36 – 30 in Gill’s favour.

* Special mention must be made of Union’s Cassidy Goliad who went undefeated during Friday’s competition.

Scouts Show Dedication

James Potgieter, Corniel Vorster and JJ Liebenberg, together with 29 Scouts from Gauteng, attended and passed the 10-day Weston Patrol Leader Training Course held in Johannesburg during the recent school holidays.

The Patrol Leader Training Unit (PLTU) is a comprehensive patrol leadership course run for young leaders in the Scout Movement.  It is a very physically and mentally strenuous course that focuses on character development in each individual, including the development of physical, mental and spiritual qualities. Attributes such as leadership and team spirit are instilled in the Scouts during this course.

Upon completion of the course, Gavin Kelly, the course director, spoke very highly of all three boys, remarking especially on their very positive attitudes throughout the course, even though they were in separate Patrols with Scouts they had never met before.


Renovated Junior Boys’ Bathroom

The start of a new term always brings with it an expected degree of excitement and stress for all learners.

The facilities at the junior boys’ bathroom, however, will have nothing to do with the back-to-school jitters, as the renovations have been completed and the boys can now enjoy their new and improved bathroom.

The renovations were started during the second term and continued into the recent holidays

The existing facility was completely gutted and new toilet cubicles, toilets, basins, urinals and changing room facilities were installed alongside new lighting and a fresh coat of paint.

First Aid Level 3

Union High School learner Kelly-Page Scott successfully completed a First Aid Level 3 (including CPR and AED) course, hosted by BLS Medical.

This is the highest first aid level that can be achieved and is designed to empower first aiders with the practical experience and theoretical knowledge they need when responding to emergency situations to ensure that they can administer the essential life-saving skills required.

The school’s first aiders are truly the right arm of Union’s Sports Department and play a crucial role in creating peace of mind during sports matches and practices.

We thank Kelly-Page for her dedication in this regard.

Interschools – Old Girls Hockey

As Interschools approaches, so too does the annual hockey match between the Union High School and Hoër Volkskool Old Girls.

If you are free on Friday afternoon, 9 August, and would like to play for your respective school’s Old Girls’ team in what is shaping up to be an epic Interschools, please get in touch.

The match will start upon conclusion of Friday’s hockey matches – time to be confirmed

You don’t need to have been in ‘training’ as it’s just a bit of fun. It’s also a great way to connect with other Old Girls.

If you can’t participate, spectators are always more than welcome.