The 4th EP league event was hosted by Volkskool this weekend (10 November) in true Karoo style.  With music playing, temperatures soaring and the smell of kudo burgers and lamb sosaties wafting over the track and pool, it was a splendid event in all respects and was definitely enjoyed by spectators and competitors alike.  Special mention must be made of the organisers and the awesome Union and Volkskool mums who got stuck in behind the scenes to contribute the ultimate success of the day.

Due to this event being hosted in our back yard, Union was fortunate to be able to field a larger than usual team, despite it being held in the middle of final exams. Well done especially to all the first-timers who overcame their nerves and participated with great enjoyment and produced some wonderful results.  Congratulations must go to Mrs Hanli Rose-Innes (running) and her husband, Rowan (swimming) who took part in the fun relay event and held the Union name high!  Well done to the relay team of Kendall Krige, Drew Dobinson and Bowen Langmead who came 2nd in the Senior relay event with an extremely competitive performance.

It is always particularly impressive to watch our regular athletes focusing to keep pushing themselves to better their times at every outing and this event was no different, with almost every single one of our athletes improving their personal bests in one or both of the disciplines. It was also wonderful to welcome seven newcomers to this exciting sport and we hope that these athletes have been bitten by the biathlon bug, and will continue to compete and represent Union on a regular basis.



10 Nov Tyra Binney 4:52:47 693 1:33:50 929 1622
Caytah Koeberg 4:35:86 776 1:47:72 787 1563
Brent Hesselink 6:36:81 656 1:52:87 675 1331
Ruzhe Hendricks 6:33:40 673 2:17:63 428 1101
James Rose-Innes 7:20:09 440 1:51:81 686 1125
Kendall Krige 4:10:77 866 1:19:24 1042 1908
Drew Dobinson 3:49:14 974 1:31:06 923 1898
Brigette Oelofsen 4:13:04 855 1:28:06 953 1808
Bowen Langmead 6:08:64 702 1:21:60 978 1680
James Potgieter 6:50:15 494 1:23:72 957 1451
Megan Doyle 4:16:24 844 1:17:72 1067 1911
Jenna McNaughton 3:55:67 947 1:35:74 887 1833