2018 Matric Results

It is our pleasure to announce a NSC 2018 pass rate of 96,9%. Sixty one out of sixty three learners managed to pass their final examination for 2018. Whilst disappointed that we could not manage to maintain a 100% pass rate, we are delighted in the overall excellent performance of our learners. We wish to congratulate our Top Achievers and thank them on their commitment to making Union High School proud.

Our Top 3 performers,  Kelly Rose-Innes, Amanda Brink and Rebecca Langmead, all achieved an overall A-aggregate performance (above 80%) in this final NSC examination for 2018. A special congratulations goes to:
Amanda Brink on achieving six subject distinctions and placed 1st on year,
Kelly Rose-Innes (five subject distinctions) placed 2nd on year,
Rebecca Langmead (four subject distinctions) placed 3rd on year,
Uthimna Somi (3 subject distinctions), placed 4th on year,
Kirsten van den Berg (2 subject distinctions) placed 5th on year
Megan Meintjes (2 subject distinctions) placed 6th on year.
Congratulations are also extended to the following learners for obtaining subject distinctions:
Tracy-Lee Abels (two distinctions)
Phawoluhle Abraham (two distinctions)
Caitlin Arnott (one distinction)
Kayla Bodenstein (one distinction)
Oarona Dibi (one distinction)
Lilitha Hans (one distinction)
Bavuyise Hermans (three distinctions)
Zita Jacobs (two distinctions)
Michael Krige (two distinctions)
Ben Kroon (one distinction)
Britney Ludick (one distinction)
Faith MacDonald (two distinctions)
Loren Mackelina (one distinction)
Linomtha Mudzana (one distinction)
Sinethemba Ndudula (one distinction)
Olwethu Ngcai (one distinction)
Leigh-Ann Ormond (one distinction)
Ronan Potgieter (two distinctions)
Sonique Simpson (two distinctions)
Yonwaba Smith (one distinction)
Likho Zwakala (one distinction)
Forty two learners qualified for Bachelor Studies, sixteen learners for Diploma studies and a further three for Certificate studies. A total of 54 distinctions have been obtained by the class of 2018.
A further note of congratulations goes to the following subject educators for achieving 100% pass rate in their respective subjects:
Ms V. Van Rensburg: Afrikaans First Additional Language (18 subject distinctions)
Mrs C Scott: Life Orientation (19 subject distinctions)
Mr C Felix: Accounting (3 subject distinctions)
Mr H Sparrius: Life Sciences (2 subject distinctions)
Mrs Van der Walt and Mrs Van Rooyen: Music (1 subject distinction)
Mrs C Read: Tourism (1 subject distinction)
Mrs A Gedult: Mathematical Literacy (5 subject distinctions)
Our sincerest thanks go to a very dedicated team of educators, who assisted these learners to reach their full potential.  Our sincerest thanks are extended also to all stakeholders in this community for their tremendous support of our efforts to maintain excellence in education and academics in particular.

Our final praise goes to our God Almighty, who makes the impossible possible.