Second Tiekieaand

Tiekieaand is an age-old tradition at Union. Traditionally one of the major events for the grade 11 fundraising committee, it serves 2 functions:
1. For the entire Prep and Middle School to have an evening of good old fashioned fun together under the guidance of the grade 11s.
2. For the Grade 11s to learn about planning and executing a money making event in real life!
Much fun was had by all as they had their faces painted, played pillow fights, did some dancing, threw some sponges at seniors and staff, tried their luck at tombola and indulged in tasty treats.

This year the grade 11s have had to work very hard in a short period of time as the Matric Dance (for which they fundraise), takes place on the 22nd of February.

The grade has worked so well together, pulling great things out of hats, (including 2 Tiekaands within a few monts of each other!) and is well on their way to achieving their target.
Please support their efforts in the next few weeks – the Mother-Daughter tea is their next event.