Swimming Pool Renovations

The school swimming pool is currently undergoing extensive repair and renovation. One might wonder why the school has chosen to embark on this project at this time of year, while swimming is underway, and have not waited for the winter. The answer to this is that the repairs were necessitated by an alarming leak and consequent drop in water level which simply could not be ignored.

The constant fluctuation of the water level and the weekly re-filling of the pool with water from the school’s furrows via Mackie’s Pit was causing havoc with PH levels and costing a fortune in chlorine and acid. Further, it was simply impossible to ensure the clarity of the pool for our swimmers.
The school’s maintenance crew has been feverishly digging trenches to expose the pool’s extensive plumbing network and searching for leaks and will take the opportunity to carry out extensive maintenance, including replacing all the sub-terranean plumbing. Further work will also be carried out to replace tiles, expansion gap sealant and the moulded tile around the perimeter.

Mr Colin Warner of Colin Warner Plumbing will supervise this work and will ensure that several improvements are made to the existing system which will provide a safe, appropriate swimming facility for our children.

We thank the Union community for its understanding and patience during this time.