Interschools Gala vs Volkskool

Hoër Volkskool hosted the 2019 Interschools Gala at the Hoër Volkskool pool on Tuesday, 12 February. Although we were represented well in all age groups, Union swam against strong competition at this year’s Interschools gala. Our swimmers made Union proud by truly giving their all, many of them competing in every event they could to ensure points for Union. The final score was Union 302 – Volkskool 366.

While the loss is disappointing, we would like to thank the swimmers for their participation and determination, and congratulate them on their good behavior throughout the event. Thank you to Hoër Volkskool for hosting this event in their wonderful facilities; and, of course, to all the staff and pupils who gave up their time to officiate at the event. We look forward to the annual Karoo Interschools Gala held at the Hoër Volkskool pool.