Senior Rugby and Hockey Festival

Our Senior Rugby and Hockey festival ended on a high note with a great win for our rugby boys. Our girls only lost 1 game during the tournament.

Thank you to our sports men and women for working so hard to provide spectators with such great entertainment!
Thank you to our coaches and managers who gave of their holiday time to be with our children.
Thank you to our parents and Old Unionites who supported them wholeheartedly and positively and who gave so much of their time to cook, cook and cater, sell drinks and provide sustenance.
Thank you to all past pupils who popped in for a visit.
Thank you to our ground staff who were up at sparrow’s each morning, who cleaned and watered and fetched and carried even with load shedding and water outages.
Thank you to our friendly and efficient kitchen staff who worked tirelessly from dawn to midnight.
Thank you to our wonderful boarding houses who accommodated so many without a complaint.
Thank you to our first aiders who were at the ready through each and every match.
Thank you to our media team who recorded and assisted with sound and video capturing.
Thank you to our ball boys and those learners who gave of their holiday time to to gate duty and who worked at the coffee stations.
Thank you to schools from neighboring towns who supported Union teams with such great spirit!
Thank you to our Sports Department who did so much for months to make this festival run so smoothly and effectively.
Thank you to our Union Team – together we achieve so much!

Results were as follows:

Union vs Charlie Hofmeyer lost 12 – 28
Union vs Andrew Rabie won 43-0

Union vs VG won 1 -0
Union vs Paarl Gim Inv won 2 – 0
Union vs Settlers won 3 – 0
Union vs Kingsridge lost 3 – 4
Brandwag withdrew against Union

Union Invitation vs Cradock won 1 – 0
Union Invitation vs Merrifield lost 2 – 3
Union Invitation vs Brandwag won 1 – 0
Union Invitation vs Stirling lost 0 – 4
Union Invitation vs Nico Malan lost 0 -2