Integrated Learning Therapy

Mrs. Christine Scott, an educator as well as school and career guidance counsellor at Union High School, recently successfully obtained her certification as an ILT practitioner.

Developed by Educational Psychologist, Dr. Shirley Kokot, Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) strives to uncover the root causes of children’s learning difficulties and behavioural challenges in order to help them overcome them.

Mrs. Scott, who has always sought ways to widen the scope of help available to learners at UHS, completed the ILT practitioner course in order to empower her with the knowledge needed to recognise the possible causes of learning difficulties in children and to then, initiate remedial movement and other activities in order to help.

Mrs. Scott encourages parents of children who experience learning and behavioural challenges to visit the ILT website to find out more about the efficacy of ILT: