Good Deeds Are Recognized At UHS

If you have ever lost a phone or a tablet, you know the chances of having it returned to you are slim to none.  Those who stumble upon lost phones usually operate on the “finders keepers” premise. They find, they keep.  While most of us would never outright steal a phone, the test of honesty really comes down to what you’d do if you found a lost phone or tablet

Union was recently very impressed with the honesty and integrity shown by Grade 9 learner, Mihan Campbell.  Mihan happened upon a phone that had been lost by its owner during a sports day at Union.  Mihan immediately took steps to ensure that the expensive smartphone was returned to its owner by turning it in to the school’s headmaster.

Well done, Mihan!

At Union, we firmly believe that good deeds should be recognized, it’s not every day the world shows you honesty and integrity, and actions such as these deserve to be recognised by the community.