Snr Rugby Results vs Graeme College

Graeme College proved to be formidable opponents on the rugby field on Saturday, 8 June.

The visiting teams ended the encounter against Union’s rugby teams unbeaten, winning the matches between the u/14As 51 – 0, the u/15Bs 71 – 3, the u/15As 24 – 19, the u/16As 34 – 7, the second teams 24 – 5 and the 1st XVs 69 – 3.

While the results might not have been what the Union teams were hoping for today, it’s often been said that you learn more from losing than you do from winning.

This was indeed a valuable learning opportunity for the Union teams who, after a well-deserved break this school holidays, will kick off their 3rd term fixtures motivated and better prepared because of it