Learners Warned Against Drugs

Drugs have the power to derail or end your future.

This message was brought to learners of Union High School when Freddy Trout and Wayne Windvoël of People Against Substance Abuse (PASA) visited the school on Monday morning, 10 June.

As is the case with all schools, Union High School’s administration is charged with ensuring a safe, supportive and healthy school environment where children can learn and reach their full potential.

This includes taking measures to prevent alcohol and drug use among learners.  Learners in high school are at an age where they need to hear the facts about the negative impact of drug abuse and how it has the power to derail or end their future.  Union, therefore, enlisted PASA’s expert help to host an educational talk at the school about the dangers of substance abuse.

During their visit, PASA founder Freddy Trout and former drug addict Wayne Windvoël shared their stories of drug abuse, addiction, gangsterism and violence in an attempt to enlighten the learners about the reality of addiction and possibly curb any experimentation with addictive substances.

The session was thoroughly engaging, demanding the rapt attention of all the learners present.

As every person is the architect of their own future, Union hopes that this informative talk will help the learners make wise choices and in so doing, contribute to the building of a brighter future for Union’s youth, short of the impediments that substance abuse can have on their lives.