Giving Thanks Where Thanks Are Due

For every year at Union – all 100 of them – the wonderful support that flows from the community to assist us in making the school a most excellent place has been a constant.

This year at Union has been no different.

In fact, in this, our Centenary year, we saw the community give above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for.  When we talk about “community”, it reaches much farther than our school families.

In addition to the parents and the extended family members tied to our school who go above and beyond in their steadfast support of all our endeavours, we are so thankful for the support we receive from our much valued sponsors and the Graaff-Reinet business and farming community.

So many private individuals and businesses in Graaff-Reinet have supported the school this year either financially, or with their time and resources at no cost – something that has been particularly evident this year with the numerous Centenary activities and the larger-than-usual Interschools weekend.

Their contributions of time and resources allow the school to provide learners, teachers, and the entire school community with diverse opportunities and experiences.

We thank them for their continued efforts and dedication. It has been a wonderful experience working with these individuals and businesses this year who truly champion our vision for the school.

We appreciate you and are thankful for your servant hearts.

We’d like to encourage our school community to please support these businesses and individuals in their endeavours.

The Desert Springs Spur
Caltex College Motors
Merino Pharmacy
Derek Light of Derek Light Attorneys
Kim Spencer-Primic of GR Gear
Frank Gentry of Karoo Taxidermy
Devrin Muir of Electro Cool
Beaver Hobson of Ken’s Radio
Chris Verheul of T.A.C. Wholesale & Supplies
Peter Brotherton in his personal capacity
Campbell Scott of Campbell Scott Machine Hire
Colin Warner of Colin Warner Plumbing
Petrus Botha of N1 Construction
Inge Verheul in her personal capacity
Stefan Ittershagen-Strauss of Build It
Mark Hudson of Mark Hudson Safaris
Donovan Burger of Compu-Serve
Montego Pet Nutrition
William Biggs of Phoenix Merinos
Johannes van Rensburg in his personal capacity,
Cheryl and Peter Waddelow of Pick n Pay
Spandau and Camdeboo Spar
David Langmead in his personal capacity
Zuurplaats Farming
Karin and Dakman Marais
Venter’s Deli
Monte & Cheryl du Preez in their personal capacity
Shaun Botha of Botha’s Garage
Mica Graaff-Reinet
Hyundai Graaff-Reinet
Angeline Hampton in her personal capacity
Jack & Hester Pienaar in their personal capacity
Grant & Tamaryn Naudé in their personal capacity
Supa-Quick Graaff-Reinet
Blue Magnolia Nursery
Bronwen Langmead in her personal capacity
Jacqui Marais in her personal capacity
Dianne Murray in her personal capacity
Dave Stern in his personal capacity
John-Allen Biggs in his personal capacity
Kallie Venter in his personal capacity
The Centenary Committee
Adrian Arnott in his personal capacity
Lyn Rose-Innes in her personal capacity
Byron Koeberg in his personal capacity