Holey Mole-y!

Union High School’s Grade 10 and 11 science classes celebrated Mole Day today (Wednesday, 23 October), with a series of fun and interesting activities focused on the mole.

And by ‘mole’, we don’t mean the furry little critters that burrow underground, but rather a useful unit of measurement in chemistry that all Grade 10 to 12s (should!) know well.

Mole, abbreviated mol, designates an extremely large number, 66.02 x 10^23, of units (be it atoms, molecules or other specified articles), and is central to many chemical calculations.

As such, the 23rd day of the 10th month between 6:02am and 6:02pm is used to celebrate all things molar, with the aim of helping the learners understand the importance of the chemical โ€˜moleโ€™.

This year, the theme for Mole Day was ‘DespicaMOLE Me!’ and the learners had a lot of fun celebrating this molmentous occasion with various mole-related activities.