Art Club Outing To Aberdeen

Discovering kiln-fused glass

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday, 24 October) Union High School’s Art Club travelled to Aberdeen for their final outing of the year.  Once there, they visited the studio of local artists Marguerite Benecke.  Mrs Benecke is a contemporary warm glass artist, who creates paintings and textures in glass.

The group was treated to a tour of her gallery and her studio where she showed them some of the many techniques she has mastered over the years.  She graciously answered all of their questions, of which there were many, leaving the learners in awe of what she can produce using glass, enamel paint and a massive kiln!

Union extends its thanks to Mrs Benecke for her time, as well as her generosity!

Learner Babalwa Lewis was the lucky recipient of a beautiful piece of art signed by the artist.