Boreholes For UHS

As Graaff-Reinet finds itself facing a crippling water crisis, Union High School is another step closer to achieving water security for the school and its boarding houses.

The regular water interruptions that the town has been subjected to lately, meant that the school often found itself without water.

With hundreds of learners in its care, the situation proved to be unacceptable.

With the support of the Union High School Development Trust, plans were made to develop and secure alternative water sources to augment the supply to the school and its boarding houses.

After a viable groundwater source was confirmed at the back of Herby Arnott House, a borehole was commissioned, and after R&D Drilling successfully sank a borehole, water was struck on Monday afternoon, 11 November, at 60m which is delivering a good blow yield of 15 000l/hour.

The yield from this borehole should be sufficient to supply the school and its boarding houses with water, putting a stop to water shortages at the school.

Union is also in the process of cleaning and fitting PVC sleeves to the existing borehole at Arthur Kingwill House.

Union is very pleased to be in a position which will soon see us break the school’s dependency on the municipal water supply.

An added benefit of the borehole, is that the water usage of the school and its boarding houses will now be much more cost-effective, making it more affordable for the school, and in the end, the school’s parents.

Union extends its thanks to the Union High School Development Trust, with Mr Derek Light at the helm, as well as to Danie Verwey of R&D Drilling.

Our sincere gratitude is also extended to Mr Kallie Venter and Mr Mark Hudson for their support, assistance and enormous efforts in this regard.