New Desks To Transform Classrooms

The learners at Union High School in Graaff-Reinet are poised to become more focused, confident and productive than ever this year.

At least, that’s the aim of the school’s latest initiative.

With the objective of rethinking the classroom environment and providing options to learners in a way that opens up their possibilities for learning, Union has recently started to introduce flexible seating in its classrooms, with the aim of phasing out the standard desks completely in the near future.

The first classroom to be converted, was that of Mr Erwin Ittershagen-Strauss, who teaches mathematics at the school.

“The new desks offer fantastic scope for participatory teaching and learning,” said Mr Ittershagen-Strauss. “As the desks can be utilised in a mix of forms, whether in rows, groups or semi-circled tables, it allows us to arrange our classrooms with the learners’ physical space and interaction in mind.”

So far, the kids are loving the change!

Union hopes that its new approach to modernising its classrooms will positively impact the well-being and motivation of its learners, boost their morale and maximise the classroom’s potential in promoting thinking-interaction, study, collaboration, thinking alone, and so on.