Swimmers Go The Extra Mile

Several Union youngsters took on the 96th River Mile at the Sundays River Cannonville Slipway this past Sunday morning, 23 February, joining hundreds of other swimmers who competed in this year’s edition of Africa’s oldest open-water swimming event.

• Seven Unionites were among the 200 participants in the Men’s River Mile.

Mack Rubidge, who finished in a time of 21 minutes, was Union’s first swimmer to cross the finish line. He was followed by Luc Railton, who finished the race in 22 minutes.

Hugo Botha – who’s only 13-years-old – then crossed the finish line in a time of 23 minutes, ending 16th overall out of the 53 competitors in his respective age group.

Schea Johnson came in next, followed by James Potgieter, Matthew Davenport and Max Price.

Well done to Luc, Hugo, Matthew and Max for an excellent show during their very first River Mile!

• In the Ladies’ River Mile, Union had nine swimmers entered among the 169 participants – two of whom, Tyra Binney and Melissa Swart, were competing in the event for the very first time.

Hannah Bodenstein, who finished in a time of 24 minutes, was the first Unionite to cross the finish line.

Amber Binney came in hot on her heels, also finishing in the 24th minute.

Both Hannah and Amber finished in the race’s Top 40, coming 14th and 15th respectively out of the 56 competitors in the 15 to 29-year-old category.

Kendall Krige was next to finish, followed by Jade Shires, Tyra Binney, Melissa Swart, Brigette Oelofsen, Elia Railton and Kelly-Paige Scott.

The school was very proud to have a large group of swimmers representing Union at this year’s event, even more so of the many ‘newbies’ who entered the event this year.

Of course, a River Mile outing wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Nanaga Farm Stall, where the learners and accompanying members of staff enjoyed the tasty home-made pies and roosterkoek on offer, before hitting the long road home.