Eco Reps 2020

Every year, a representative of each class at Union High School is chosen to serve as Eco Representative.

These enthusiastic environmentally-minded learners are then tasked with raising awareness about ecological issues, encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour among their peers and planning related events and activities at the school.

Union’s 18 Eco-Reps for 2020 were announced and presented with their badges at Assembly this morning.

Congratulations to all those chosen to serve this year, they are:

Grade 5: Jordan Koeberg and Zoë Liesing
Grade 6: Rebecca Copeman and Ashleigh Shell
Grade 7: Tara Ferreira and Erin Gedult
Grade 8: Caytah-Leigh Koeberg (absent) and Imitha Nkwintya
Grade 9: Lwanda Ntlonti, Kaitlin Kenmuir and Precious Nobula
Grade 10: Tessa James, Sisipho Arnols and Liyabona Binqela
Grade 11: Primrose Mutapati and Tanya Mataba (absent)
Grade 12: Juandre Jaftha and Erin O’Halloran

The new Eco-Reps are seen here with the teacher in charge of this initiative, Mrs Danelle Botes.

May they inspire all to actively engage in practices of energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, reuse, recycling and environmentally preferable purchasing!