A New World For Teachers

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, it is normal for people to experience higher levels of stress and anxiety, teachers included.
From one day to the next, our teachers have found themselves having to give lessons at school, while managing virtual classrooms, communicating with their learners over social media platforms and learning by doing as they provide education from a distance as well as on campus.
Now more than ever teachers need socio-emotional support to face the extra pressure being put on them to deliver learning in a time of crisis as well as to enable them to support their learnersโ€™ emotional needs.
Union High School would, therefore, like to express our sincere appreciation to Mrs Paula Kingwill for facilitating a staff development session with our educators on Wednesday afternoon, 1 July.
The session dealt with simple, yet effective solutions and insights to help our educators navigate through the plethora of challenges they face while trying to teach during the pandemic, while also giving them the tools to support the emotional resilience and wellbeing of their learners during and post-lockdown.