Farewell To Retiring Teachers

Union High School is what it is because of the phenomenal educators we are lucky enough to have on our staff. This year, we have some truly great ones who are retiring.

At a special staff function in The Tony Burrell Union earlier today, Monday, 14 December, Union High School bid farewell to Mrs Lehesta Galloway and Mrs Karmin van der Walt, who, after having spent the past 25 and 20 years, respectively, teaching at Union, will be retiring at the end of this year.

These two educators have both had extensive and influential careers in education spanning decades and, when you take such a high degree of knowledge and skill, and you mix in joy and an unquenchable passion for teaching, you get individuals whose legacy will last with learners and colleagues for years to come.

We thank Mrs Galloway and Mrs van der Walt for their outstanding service to the learners, the parents, the entire community, and their work beyond their classrooms to help their colleagues to grow, to learn and to succeed with their learners. We wish them a wonderful retirement and great happiness in the future.