Thinking Outside The Building

Outdoor learning isnโ€™t a new concept. Teachers at Union have long enjoyed taking their learners outside for lessons and teaching in the outdoors.
Earlier this year, however, it was decided to formalise the โ€œoutdoor classroomโ€ concept at Union for the benefit of learners and educators alike.
We are therefore extremely excited to be able to announce that construction recently began on our first designated outdoor classroom space, which will be ready for use at the start of the 2022 academic year.
The space will be fully equipped to move indoor learning outside without sacrificing the necessary resources to teach or the comfort of learners.
This space will provide a new alternative to traditional classrooms by removing walls and windows to optimize ventilation, while creating a sustainable, dynamic learning experience for learners.
This is the first of several such spaces planned for the Union campus.
We hope you will share in our excitement, knowing what an asset these spaces will be for our campus and how much enjoyment our learners will get from them.