Gr 4s Meet Their Leaders

Union High Schoolโ€™s newly elected Head Prefects for 2022, Matthew Basson, Kendall Krige, Sisipho Arnols and Asa Matross are a team of talented and enthusiastic learners, eager to uphold the morale and camaraderie of the school while serving as positive role models for the younger learners of the school.
This was evident during these four learnersโ€™ visit to Union Preparatory Schoolโ€™s Grade 4 classes earlier today, Tuesday, 2 November.
Making the move the Union High Schoolโ€™s Middle School is a daunting one, and Unionโ€™s Head Prefects wanted to make sure that the little Grade 4s โ€“ who will be making the move in 2022 โ€“ feel welcomed and reassured about this big step in their schooling career.
โ€œThe prefects set the tone, which then carries on to the rest of the school. Itโ€™s important that we create a welcoming and positive environment,โ€ said Head Girl, Kendall Krige.
โ€œBeing recognised by younger learners as Head Girl, Head Boy, or a prefect means itโ€™s easier for them to approach us. And a friendly, familiar face encourages new learners to chat to us if theyโ€™re nervous, need advice or even just some company.โ€